Welland Service Disruptions - Telecommunications and Power

It has been one crazy month and the latest and most frustrating is the multi-day service disruption in Welland. The City of Welland is upgrading the posts that they use for hydroelectric and telecommunications lines, which is good. They have also decided to perform these upgrades during the day, which is good for families. What the major daytime disruptions are not good for is business. I've received multiple e-mails from partner organizations asking why the unstoppable solar powered server stopped. It didn't. The high speed telecommunications line running to Niagara's first solar powered server stopped.

This wouldn't have been a major problem if I'd been given notice a week in advance, the sites could have been re-routed to an off-site backup server. Giving no notice is completely unacceptable. While adjacent customers reported that notice was given in person, on site, and less than an hour before the disruption the 48 hour propagation period for a new DNS routing wouldn't take effect until after the service disruption.

Luckily the ZA Server hosts community, non-profit, and personal websites for free and will not experience a direct financial loss. All of the partner organizations have been informed that 'fees have been waived for September' to bring humour to the now unavoidable situation.

Also if Welland Hydro gets around to reading this - it was the contractor that worked on Monday September 12th 2011 in the Francophone Heritage District. If the City of Welland gets around to sharing this story - remember that if you can't treat small businesses with respect they will leave. I'm thinking Wainfleet might send out notice when a city block is going to lose power, and there is more room for solar panels.