Volunteering is a great way to spend time doing the things I already enjoy, for organizations and individuals that I believe in.

While I have largely stopped volunteering after 2015 in favour of having a deeper commitment to organizations and pay for working and time taken in these pursuits, I wouldn't be who I am without these experiences

Volunteering History:

Niagara Region

  • Graham Speck for Regional Council
    Campaign Assistant and Canvasser (2014)
  • Leanna Villella for MP (Welland/Niagara Centre)
    Campaign Webmaster, Social Media Assitant, and Videographer (2015)
  • Canada Blood Services
    Reached 50 Donations in January 2013
  • TSHC Welland
    Secretary of local conservation group
  • Welland Rose Festival
    Board of Directors
  • Black Lantern Experience (2013-2015)
    Co-founder and Benefactor
  • OPIRG-Brock (2008-2012)
    Web Content Co-ordinator
  • The NPARC Feedline (2010-2012)
    The bulletin for the Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) (2009-2012)
    In late 2009 I have started as a volunteer with ARES, an emergency radio team.
  • Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre (2010-2012)
    Web Content Co-ordinator and Technical Support


  • BUSAC Councillor 2006-2008 (Finance, Governance)
  • University Senator 2007-2009 (Infrastructure, Policy)
  • CFBU 103.7fm - Secretary of the Board 2006-2007
  • Computer Science Club - Dir. of Communications 2007-2008
    Branch of the ACM and IEEE supported academic engagement

High School

  • Eastdale School Newspaper, 2002-2003
    Worked on layout and print with Maryanne Firth
  • Drama Team - Lights and Technology, 2003
    Won Award for Distinctive Merit, Sears Drama Festival
  • Eastdale Stage Band, Baritone Sax 2000-2004
    Too many people to thank, great team experience
  • Think Bowl Competition, 2001-2003
    Junior Team and Senior Team - Problem Solving

Prior to High School, I was involved with Scouts Canada projects in Welland which included helping at the Welland Food Fest in its first years. This was before the High School volunteer mandate was in place - younger residents were able to their part and get involved. Planted Trees with the DSBN when I was in Elementary school. Pretty much anything that sounded like a fun day and the work was respected. I didn't volunteer so that I could have this cool volunteer page - I did it because I wasn't busy and it seemed like more fun than sitting around.