Steam Working on Ubuntu System

It's been a couple years since I tried to get Steam working through Wine on Ubuntu. Steam (the DRM tool) is very useful for people like myself that have abandoned optical drives in favour of solid state memory as it downloads and installs the software. This is very similar to the apt based software packages from Ubuntu and other Debian based operating systems, although it would also be nice if steam had a native Linux client that prepackages additional libraries for Windows or Mac based games (or started compiling Linux native apps).

For the most part everything is working well, my first acquisition was the Fallout: New Vegas software package. This game was very enjoyable whe I had a chance to play it last year - unfortunately my blacklisting of Microsoft or Sony products meant that I couldn't enjoy this software (Steam and F:NV) under my terms. Now things have changed and I will not have to support either of the blacklisted companies.

Now I've got to discover what will go wrong next.