Going RoHS Compliant in Canada to Save Money

I don't like to spend more unless I have to, and the Ontario Eco Fees have been sneaking up on me. Out of principle I refuse to pay the Eco Fee, it is a 'sin' tax. Currently the problem that I have is finding RoHS compliant devices that are appropriately marked in stores. RoHS compliant technology is supposed to be exempt from most well though out environmental price adjustments. This means that the $30 to $50 more for an eco-friendly product is balanced by a $30-$50 Eco Fee on a hazardous product.

Unfortunately most of the devices, like LED TVs, are not RoHS compliant. I contacted a Future Shop in my area to find out if they had any RoHS compliant LED TVs, not only were they confused about the question but they dismissed any possibility of an exemption on the Eco Fee on TVs at their stores.

My LED Lights around the house are RoHS compliant. The new server is mostly RoHS compliant with some exceptions, specifically the server was compliant but the SSD that went in wasn't certified, plastic casing. My phone is RoHS compliant.

RoHS compliance snuck up on me - most of these products I originally chose for their low power consumption and competitive prices. I like to calculate TCO (total cost of ownership) on everything. While some people have questioned the durability of biodegradable plastics in RoHS compliant products I'm finding that more of the products are made of aluminum, glass, bamboo, and other materials generally considered to be tough stuff. Not 40 years of use tough but enough that recycling is a worthwhile option at the end of its use cycle. (Recycling is good, we can make 5 refrigeration boxes with better thermal insulation for the same mass of steel from a 1960s model, but that is a rant for another day)

I'm going to be selling off some of my used equipment over the next couple of months. This is a major clear out to meet three targets - the Two (2) Kilowatt by 2/2/2012 Goal, The 100 Things Challenge, and now the RoHS compliance rundown. The hazardous materials are already in the existing equipment being phased out by 2K2012 and 100 Things. This includes my old Dell systems from Niagara College, Two old Samsung SyncMaster 753DF Monitors, and random smaller devices.