Great Wii Destinations

I've been enjoying the short ripple between the end of essay season by rediscovering my Wii. Turns out in the last couple of months there have been some awesome developments. This time I decided to show some love to the Opera Browser. The following are links to some of the top hits I've come to enjoy.

Line Rider for Wii:
This is an official mod of line rider to make it much easier to manage using the wiimote.

Finetune Media Player
This is the streaming media solution that I've come to enjoy the most. I found this bit of joy after searching endlessly for a PHP client to host my own music/playlists.

Anime Fridays @ WH324

Greetings, for anybody that hasn't seen the posters around campus I'd like to invite you to come out this Friday to WH324 for Anime Fridays. Anime Fridays is the official viewing night of the Brock Anime club, there are two sets of shows on alternating weeks. On "Week A" there are episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Excel Saga, Higurashi, and a wildcard. On "Week B" you can catch Lucky Star, Ouran High School Hosts Club, Claymore, and a wildcard.

The Anime Club comes together to view, discuss, and enjoy animated programming from overseas. The social component is key, and helps foster a sense of community among those that would otherwise enjoy this material alone. Beth Reading is the current president and is responsible for co-ordinating the Anime Friday events as well as a group trip to the Pacific Mall in February.

I hope to see you there.

Scientology Protests in 2008

After frequenting Project Chanology and Enturbulation I've seen why protesting Scientology is important. It is important to people that want to protect the western "Religious Freedoms". The freedom to believe and participate in a given religion is not contested. However, religious freedom is not and should not be used by an organization to commit illegal acts. Scientology is cursed by its corporate entity, the entity that seeks out money and uses it to fight for dangerous and in many cases lethal freedoms. Freedom to ignore modern western science.

I have chosen to alert my friends, family, and peers of this danger because they deserve to live in peace, in accordance to the laws of their nations. Germany has recognized the risk of permitting the cult of Scientology to have 'the benefit of the doubt' and acted against the Co$. i will post the next protest date when I become aware of it. Row row.


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