Pelham Transit Run

Welland Good news for residents of Pelham living near Welland, the transit authority will be extending a route across city boundaries. This bus is said to half a half-hour route making it easily accessible all day long, as opposed to once every other hour as the former link operated. This route will be a trial and if ridership levels are high enough it will be available as an ongoing service to the residents of Welland and Pelham. It is still unclear if students from Brock University will be able to use this new route with their UPass (See. Port Link) although I do hope that it reduces the number of student complaints about the UPass from Pelham residents. Niagara college will be the drop point for Pelham residents coming in with that bus.

Not much else in terms of news about what is going on in the Niagara Region this summer.

Gaming Update

Coming to Brock on the bus daily has provided ample time to try out some new games for the DS/GBA. The favourite of the month is a little old but still holds replay value, Final Fantasy Tactics (GBA). It differs from the old PSX game in that you are a resident of a modern town by the name of Ivalice that makes a wish among friends to make the world more like "Final Fantasy". Otherwise the game is pretty much the same. Oh, there are a couple of minor twists in gameplay come to think of it.

Laws are a new component of the game that cause a great deal of frustration. Some techniques or items can be barred from a match and each match comes with a new set of laws that one can check only once at the begining. If you disobey one of those laws in passing you receive a yellow card, second offence gets a red card and that unit is sent to jail. Apparently you are reassured that this is ok, because the monarch is crazy and laws are not taken seriously. That is the part that I found odd, I hope my character is involved in some kind of anti-crazy rebellion to... It is a game.

Heckuva game

Successful Conversion

gOS Desktop
After spending the better part of the last week tearing apart my network, moving machines, desks, cabinets and many wires the conversion is done. Only two systems remain, the host and the client. Sure, people can still hop onto the wireless network and my "client" really doesn't draw much energy as a laptop that I try to charge at school or when held over at the transit terminal. The point is that just about anyone looking to free themselves from the desk is easily able to do so. Ampache is up and running as my main music library manager and player, using a flash tool I have foregone the need to even have the mp3 codec/plugin on any given system.

One downside has emerged. It is really creepy and quiet inside now, and the LED lighting is not helping. The LED lighting is good, don't get me wrong it just takes a little getting used to - it hardly looks the same as it used to, doesn't sound the same as it used to and the smell is different. It smells like the cold in November just before it snows. No problem.

*Addition: Torrentflux has been swapped to TorrentFlux-B4RT which allows users to view video and steam it to either VLC or Windows Media. Good news.

Edorad - Espada

Beth Reading as Orihime Anime north is quickly approaching and I still have not had the time to post pictures of the costume mockups for Edorad. It is looking good and I hope the outfit can stay together until the convention. For the time being thereare photos of Beth in her Orihime outfit in my Picasa Photo Album for the second Anime prep-work event.

The convention will be going on from the 23rd to the 25th and will involve a world of strange landing on the doorstep of our group. Luckily Tay has been on the Anime North planing committee before and understands the intricacies of the competitions and events. Definitely looking forward to this even though I will be dressed up as Edorad. (Note: Costumes Designed by Cat Caira in the style of the Espada.)

Addition: Beth Reading (President of Brock Anime 2007-2008) is modeling an Orihime Costume for the cosplay component of Anime North.

New Linux Experiment - Flick Off

Many of my peers are into technology and some of my friends are into the Green-Power Movement (Wind, Solar, Efficiency and Necessity). So this next little tidbit should be interesting for both.

After enrolling in the energy cutback incentive program with Welland Hydro I've completed another watt for volt for amp evaluation of the electrical consumption at home. Turns out we can cutback 41% without negatively impacting our way of life. Simple things like getting rid of the last of our fluorescent bulbs in favour of three volt or less LED units and the usual Suzuki list. The other major shift involves the network and computer systems. Print, Store, Publish, Share and Hosting.

I have shut down Bluemarie, the machine with the highest performance and highest power consumption (600 watt @ peak) in favour of moving the server to a Norhtec Microserver System (20 watt @ peak) and using the EEE as the main system for personal use. ALL other client PCs will be shut down, all peripherals will be switched off until use - including the Network Print System. By hosting my Photo, Music and Video collections on the high speed server systems I can have easy access to my files from everywhere. Even Video Streaming to the Wii as a home theatre device, its filled with Green-Geeky goodness.

It is only possible because of the extensible nature of the Linux based operating system for server and user options. Come back for more info on the changes.


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