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It's been a rough couple of decades for HAM Radio in Ontario. As the government continues to make it easier to get your license there is still a lack of interest among the younger generations. When I mention younger generations, this is starting to reach as high as 45 years old. Yes, in the HAM radio community a 45 year old operator is young.

The number of emergency stations in Niagara is growing as local officials aim to be ready. In fact there are more ARES sites than ARES volunteers. This needs to change.

ARES, NPARC, and GWEN are part of the same system. NPARC can be social, ARES is Short to Mid Range and GWEN offers a global communications platform. It can seem daunting to join a group of very similar people.

-- ARES has been discussing the establishment of a 145.610 Winlink E-Mail Server.
-- The Feedline (Niagara's HAM Radio News)
-- NPARC is continuing the Radiothon for Charity (CNIB and St.Catharines General Hospital)

All I can really say is that if you're interested in new technology, freedom, or being prepared then you should consider joining the HAM radio community.

May 2011 "Optimal System"

Every now and then I like to think about a new system and what would be the perfect (or at least optimal) system configuration. Since I've been on an energy efficiency kick the last couple of years these systems haven't been beasts of speed as much as they've been non-mechanical, solid state dreams.

In order to look back at how old certain technologies were I'll list the specs for future review:

AMD APU Style Processor (Integrated CPU/GPU)
Preferably RISC levels of simplicity and efficiency
USB 3.0 Compatibility
No Fans/Moving Parts
VGA Compatibility
Built in AM/FM/ATSC Tuner & Recorder (w/External Antennas that can be put outdoors)
12v DC Input with high fault tolerances (9v to 15.8v)
Only Solid State Disks (No Floppy, No CD/DVD/BR, No Magnetics)

Bonus Points:
Monocular Head Mounted Display (It is an idea worth over 9000 dollars)
Keeping it under 12 Watts

How to: udevtrigger terminated with exit status 1 [solution]

The Bi-Annual Headache has a name this time: “udevtrigger terminated with exit status 1”. Here is a brief description of what went wrong and how I fixed it.

On upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 this error cropped up after a shaky mid session reboot (Doing the update during the April 28th Windstorm in Niagara.) I’ve experienced this problem before but thought tht it wouldn’t be an issue since I already fixed my /etc/fstab to reference /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 (swap). The problem was deeper, so I began my inspection.

I wasn’t able to mount the drive at first because of the error so after a little command line refresher I remounted the root directory using this command:

mount -o remount,rw /

Finishing the interrupted installation was as easy as the system had suggested with the last command:

“sudo dpkg --configure -a”

Then after reboot it was time to see how bad off MySQL was after a rough transition. Hopefully you had better luck with the upgrade to 11.04 Ubuntu.

Welland NDP Candidates Support Rail Improvement

After attending the Workers Memorial in Merritt Park on April 28th 2011 the question was posed directly to both Malcolm Allen and Peter Kormos about rail service. To my surprise there was finally a positive response, including a direct affirmation of support and reassurance that Peter Kormos has already began working on what can become the single greatest economic recovery tool in South Niagara and Ontario in general.

This means that I can completely support this set of political candidates and a party. After nearly 4 years of waiting to see if a political party has an agenda for the future I can say that in Welland the NDP candidates could finally deliver.

I like to believe solid state technology can solve nearly any problem - the one that it can't yet is transportation. Rail service is the most efficient and scalable system for large scale transportation. We will not see the successful return of major factories ($2 billion+ annual sales) without rail service to the Pacific Coast. The Atlantic Coast is a three way struggle between highways, rail, and the seaway. On a side note the Seaway has been doing a great job with the Welland Canal, and could use to perform more recruitment in Welland and bring locals into their prosperity.

Good luck, and don't forget to bring your orange and green clothing out on May 2nd, federal election day. (If this is still kicking around in the fall of 2011, support Peter Kormos and the NDP in the provincial election.)

Return of the Job Search

Guess I'm going into another long-haul job search. Luckily it seems like for the last month every Monday I've had an interview. Tonight is no exception as I apply to one of the most respected agencies in the federal government. That's all I should say for now.

Outside of the main job search my volunteer activities have gotten even easier as club members and corporate users seem to be more comfortable with the systems I've implemented. I hope everyone took a leap from the "I suck" state of mind to the "I rock" group. Learning about a new CMS can be difficult, luckily you only have to learn the basics once.

I'll be learning more about amateur radio tonight on the local repeater.

Welland: Robin Williamson - Green Party 2011

The most exciting part of the Green platform in Niagara is increased support for public transit including rail service. As you may know I have a weak spot for bringing passenger rail service back to the city where rail and water meet.

Passenger rail service is one of the top issues for South Niagara. The ride between the closest rail station and Niagara College is similar to going from Toronto's Union Station to York University, and the only direct option is by cab.

I'd like to see if he breaks from the pro-legalization party line. The support for smoking and marijuana is one of the controversial elements of the Green party platform that I think is misguided. Drugs and drug related crime in Niagara are a problem, and legalization near the border will only hurt local businesses that are still recovering from cross-border business problems related to new security procedures.

The original Robin Williamson article has been replaced with this hands-off interpretation.

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