Welland's Coldest Night Fundraiser

Coldest Night of the Year

In early 2014 I joined the Coldest Night of the Year walk in Welland in support of The Hope Centre. This helps a great local organization that supports families dealing with poverty.

Personal Challenge

Since I like to add value when asking people to give generously I've set a personal challenge, and I expect some others to do the same. When I reach $5000 then I will cut my hair and donate it. This challenge has until February 22nd - and I've been encouraging potential donors to let the community know this is serious by contributing now online. I will add push goals after $5000, which will only be announced after passing $5000.

The Hope Centre - Helping Everyone

Party hard for Welland's needy and get them the opportunities they deserve. It doesn't matter if someone is unemployed, disabled, elderly, or just having a tough time The Hope Centre has staff that can direct people to the right kind of assistance they deserve. Without your donations there could be less of that help to go around. Don't wait for large cumbersome national organizations to come around - start helping close to home by donating through this charitable event.

Please Donate or Share

Donate directly to my campaign - Donate - http://www.kurtismccartney.com/cnoy
Follow The Hope Centre on Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheHopeCentre
Support the Welland Cause - Get involved - http://coldestnightoftheyear.org/location/welland

Blood Clinic - November 27 2013

Upcoming Blood Clinic - November 27 2013

Its time to donate. The mobile blood clinic is coming to Welland for a drive, or it is driving to Welland for a clinic. Either way you look at it there is a need for blood donors that never seems to end, if you haven't donated.

Welland Blood Clinic - Odd Months at the Ukrainian Hall

Since the Welland clinic typically overlaps family holidays in the Winter and Spring there are more visitors, including myself, at the odd month clinics in the city of Welland. The facility is usually double booked cooking cabbage rolls and operating a blood clinic. It usually makes for a pretty great day for everyone involved.

Welland Blood Donor Clinic at the Ukranian Hall
Operating from Noon until 6pm
40 McCabe Street, Welland, Ontario

Canadian Blood Services - 1-888-2-DONATE

The Canadian Blood Services operates with a set of social media assets that push their message across every major platform. By following, liking, and subscribing to them you could save more lives by helping to reach additional volunteers through your friends and followers. Many marketing agencies can measure the value of likes with dollar values, Canada Blood Services operates to save lives and each like could be the one to save a life.

Black Friday in Niagara and Beyond

Black Friday in Niagara and Beyond

Black Friday madness is about to take hold again, in response I've put together some highlights that could help ordinary people to get what they deserve this Winter.

Black Friday Cross Border Shopping

For Canadian shoppers the deals at retailers in the United States have remained superior due to favourable International trade regulations across the border. The dollar value difference can be as much as one fifth of the Canadian price, if such a product is sold at all in Canada. Factor import taxes and currency values against the price and there is no way for most Canadian retailers to compete without taking major losses.

Black Friday Shipping Deals

Black Friday online deals are getting to be pretty popular and carry over into the appropriately named "Cyber Monday". All of these deals are available to Canadians that can receive packages at an address in the United States.

For anyone that doesn't have a relative or friend to receive US packages there are a slew of storage facilities that have expanded from just renting simple storage to include parcel storage services for registered clients. The best of the best send you an email immediately after receiving a package under your name.

Black Friday at Hotels and Restaurants

The last and most important factor is that cross border shopping comes with cross-border duties and additional taxes. Fortunately by staying for multiple nights in the United States and bringing along additional guests the waived duty limit increases. The rules surrounding this have changed in the last decade and I'd recommend looking up the current regulations on the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) website, just to be safe.

Good luck on your shopping adventure.

Niagara CGI - Computer Graphics Group

Niagara CGI - Computer Graphics Group

Niagara CGI is a new arts group with a unique focus on Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, 3D Studiomax, and other modern digital art tools. The group describes itself as being "all about taking what is trending, what local artists have done or are doing, as well as linking events". I'm looking forward to seeing the digital arts community grow in Welland and beyond due to the efforts of this group.

Niagara CGI to Connect Artists and Developers

At the heart of the operation is Atom Dellow, a Welland based digital artist. Atom found himself experiencing the same frustrations as many other digital artists have, due to isolation and the lack of a central location to learn and improve. There isn't a Curry's Art Supplies for the digital artist, which translates into frustrations that are not experienced with any other type of art.

Niagara CGI connects artists, developers, educators, and local cultural leaders without having to join a large government subsidized business taskforce.

Niagara CGI Hackerspace and Art Nights

Niagara is lacking when it comes to spaces set aside for creative development in the digital domain. Niagara CGI has been working with existing art groups to provide access to resources and people across Niagara. Unlike efforts in St. Catharines the group seems to be capable of operating in any city in the Niagara Region. Welland, Pelham, Port Colborne and Wainfleet digital professionals and aspiring digital profesionals are encouraged to join the Facebook group to hear about upcoming events and connect online.

More Information - https://www.facebook.com/groups/niagaracgi/

Waving Cat Media

Waving Cat Media

Waving Cat Media is Niagara's newest multimedia and marketing outfit, with a host of affordable extras for any business looking to improve their exposure in the Buffalo-Toronto market and beyond. Officially opened in 2013 with the support of Niagara's social media elite. With Waving Cat Media the long and tedious process of getting great new content online is made easier and faster thanks to the experience and values of the participating local organizations and individuals.

Waving Cat Multimedia

David Bagarozza (known online as David FB) has brought his multimedia skills and well calibrated equipment to the Waving Cat Media group. Known in Niagara for his work with Pulp Comics and the Black Lantern Experience, there isn't much that David FB hasn't had his hands on.

Check out his portfolio and the portfolios of the newer multimedia experts at Waving Cat Media to better understand what they offer.

More Information - http://wavingcatmedia.com/

Waving Cat Social Media

Social media has been an impressive add-on for major marketing agencies, and when done properly it can be extremely valuable. If your existing marketing agency isn't getting the job done through social media then the Waving Cat Media offering might be able to fill in that gap without cutting off your existing marketing agency.

Looking to boost throughput? Get into a new market? Go viral? Then Waving Cat Media has the fix for your organization, as long as you're willing.

Waving Cat Media on Twitter - https://twitter.com/wavingcatmedia
Waving Cat Media on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wavingcat


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