Rough Week

This post may be a week late, though it is not without reason. Over the course of the week from Sept 15th to Sept 22nd the world sucked hard.

Monday: Spent a beautiful day cycling until I was swept off my bicycle by a truck. Getting hit is bad, people speeding away afterward WORSE.EMTs say I'm alright, which is good.

Tuesday: Spent in preparation for a series of meetings which meant I couldn't fix the bicycle. The meeting of Welland City Council was a snore. Waste of a day. (and evening)

Wednesday: Bicycle shop opens at 1pm instead on Wednesdays, no repairs and no ride. Although I did get to attend the Positive Spaces workshop, which was good. Later that day I attended the Teaching and Learning Policy Committee (Which I joined to follow-up on Sakai.) and we focused on a recognition system to promote senate work... not every meeting can be about my ♥ on Sakai.

Thursday: Drummed on through my classwork, finally got to the bike shop. Some parts were irreparable and the bill exceeded my spending cap. Spending cap breached and that killed my date with Alie. (Sorry Alie, we can go to the movies again next week, by bike!)

Friday: Spent working on a series of new website features for and, good. Finding a present for my Grandmothers 80th Birthday - on my broken budget was the bad. Bad, Fail, Error and so-on... Alie, I'll be 'fundraising' to apologise to you in a very big way.

Saturday: Aforementioned Birthday for the Octogenarian, good day for her and phenomenal way to hear her cut up the MTO for making her take the Driving test later this week. After fighting against discrimination (women) for so long the new discrimination (ageism) is equally hated. Then I mentioned the ageism in Auto Insurance... Everybody hurts.

Sunday: Lift, move, store, restore. Menial tasks requiring feats of strength hurt after a while. At least I had Discovery by DAFT PUNK to make things Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

See you tomorrow on my own personal fail train. All Aboard.