Welland Cycling in Autumn

Eglise Sacre Coeur of WellandFall is coming and for a couple of reasons I am very glad that it did. For one, I have managed to cycle to three of the four corners of Welland in one shot. This means that trying for a round trip to Brock may not be too far off. I have even considered starting a mid-range bike club, for the people in town that are enthusiastic about human powered transportation even though they loathe people in spandex shorts. Critical Mass has been another excellent way to do that, though someone might perform a "Die-In" and get mixed up with "Die-Thru" a spray-paint protest/art group in Welland. The City of Welland has put bike lanes into every street that the new LED Street lamps have been installed. Good times for cycling in Welland.

I have included an image of the Sacred Heart Church (Eglise Sacre Coeur) of Welland. Every time that I ride this part of Welland's French Village is included. Even though there are no bike lanes and it hardly seems like an arterial road going down Empire St. in Welland is like a blast from the past. The church is across the street from the Desjardins Caisse which is less impressive visually but equally important to residents that are not yet fluent in the English language. Many of the Francophone Caribbean and Former-Africans also love cycling as an affordable form of transportation.

We all grew up with bicycles, why did you stop?