Campus Sustainability Assessment

Brock University Bright FutureI will be attending the Campus Sustainability Assessment Meeting on Thursday Sept. 11th at Brock University. This initiative has existed for some time and I was honoured to receive a personal invitation to the event. I know that Brock had a 58% waste diversion rate for 2007, making the recycling and organic diversion projects a relative success. Though there is a lot more that can be done.

Everything from heating, lighting, doors, etc. has been included in this assessment. This makes the greentech dork inside me very happy. The results of this meeting will indicate what kinds of development Brock will pursue and in turn set an example to local governments in the Niagara Region. We already have a headstart with the LED conversion away from High pressure sodium and it is beautiful. I will post more during and after the meeting until then check out these resources:

OPIRG will also be all over this event so be sure to check out for their involvement.

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