Election Issue: Civil Infrastructure

Everything I talk about tends to have a close connection to Civil Infrastructure, the services and technology implemented developed nations. Most of the time I advocate building things better, stronger, more efficient and with only top quality materials. I have had a chance to speak briefly with each of the major candidates running for office in my riding (Welland/Niagara Centre)- all of them can agree that infrastructure is important although their plans for implementation and development differ greatly.

Considering all plans there are a couple of ways that this batch tip-toes around. Disclaimer: I still prefer to remain non-partisan as I have at least one disagreement with each of these candidates, no names will be used.

Manufacturing Bailouts - I understand the importance of keeping jobs in Niagara, my father worked at John Deere for just shy of 30 years. However without investing in infrastructure we missed numerous opportunities in middle and south Niagara. Road, Ship, Rail, and Electrical Utilities promoted development in the early twentieth century and these have fallen apart due to neglect. The workers have been punished for this - charity bailouts only seem to make the hurt go from the pocketbook to local pride.

Transit Funding - Great idea, I have seen growth happen before my eyes due to the new money put into this system. Welland Transit, St. Catharines Transit and Niagara Transit are practically one seamless network. Runs into Port Colborne and Pelham give NOTL residents hope they will be serviced soon. Even more hope for all Niagara to have commuter rail soon.

Incentive Based Taxation - Gas taxes usually go to road and highway maintenance, and cigarette taxes indirectly help healthcare. Carbon taxes should not be implemented as a punishment but as a way to promote rapid infrastructure change. The trust system doesn't sound adequate to deal with the environmental dangers already present. This is not about Global Warming - it is about our rivers, our canal and our land. I would hate to see a contaminated zone like the INCO Nickel zone in Port Colborne come to Welland. I support the incentive based carbon tax where it goes right back into the bottom line of the companies it is taken from.

Lots more for this election but these are my biggies federally that have been ignored in the past. When you vote federally, think local.