More Linux Please

Ubuntu 2008Going into another year with Linux I cannot emphasize how it has changed my life. By focusing on what is important about computing, namely sharing, processing, and storing massive amounts of information made easily available. This website is hosted on my Ubuntu Server, which would be at 8 months of non-stop uptime if there were no power outages in the Niagara Region. (Still looking for a UPS solution, preferably integrating solar technology.) Even large vendors use Linux in their servers, Amazon has been using Linux for nearly a decade. Uptime isn't everything and I would like to highlight some of the other benefits of using a Linux based operating system.

I find myself working face to face with more people, in a pleasant environment. People come first, not machines and it is easier to do all of this when one does not have to worry about IF their technology is working. Linux works, it works harder and is great at what it does. When I notice new Linux development making Linux more attractive to Creatives and business types of people and I am proud of the versatility of Linux in these fields. Linux is best suited to academic functions, mass rendering and large scale networking something that other software vendors cannot even compare to.

If you are interested in discovering a new world of usability and excellence, Linux may be for you. Otherwise nobody is forcing you to make the switch.

I will not be hosting a Ubuntu Install party for 8.10, though I would show up to one if anyone else is planning one for the Brock/Niagara community.