OPIRG Brock Revision

OPIRG 2.0Great news for OPIRG members and social media enthusiasts at Brock University as the newest revision of the OPIRG website came online today. This new revision includes easier access, easier readability and many new features. Some highlights of the additional coming changes includes sitewide page translation, podcasting, a new polling engine and a lightweight RSS feed aggregator. All this and more using an open-source backbone, namely Drupal. Already a mainstay on OPIRGBrock.org it has now opened a world of opportunities to the campus and community members of the OPIRG.

The Volunteer and Program co-coordinators for 2008-2009 have expressed their need to reach out to a larger community and encourage involvement at Brock University. Although the Blogspot site for OPIRG will continue to exist for the time being eventually all information can be found easily at OPIRGBrock.org. Check it out now, you'll hear more about this later - believe it.

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