Niagara Region Organic Recycling

Recycle GreenThe Green Bin program has been re-launched in the Niagara Region and hopefully it catches on to more households this time. For those unfamiliar with the program it is essentially composting for urban environments, where citizens leave their organic waste out alongside waste and recyclables and curbside pickup takes it away. Great for people in small communities where composting becomes more of a hassle than a benefit.

Common household organic setups include placing a small bin on the kitchen counter to collect unusable or unused organic waste (egg shells, apple cores, etc.). This smaller receptacle is sufficient for most people living alone, though families are encouraged to use the larger green bin to collect all of the smaller parts, keep the smell down, and generally make it easier for pickup.

After instating the organics program at Brock it increased annual waste diversion to 58% for 2007 (only 42% of all waste went to the landfill). If this level of success could be carried over into households it could extent the life of the existing landfills in Niagara by decades. Also waste management organizations benefit from the organics collection through the resale of the compost in the same way that aluminum and paper recycling keeps the recycling programs economically sound.

Support the Organic Recycling program or petition your local waste management to join the new standard.

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