Lighting Conversion Experiment

DX 48 LED BulbMany of my environmentally friendly geek comrades are familiar with the shortcomings of both Fluorescent and Incandescent lights, here comes the science. LED lighting, which is nothing new, has recently become more viable and affordable given technological advances in diodes and the manufacturing of diodes... Erm. More to the point.

I am replacing the replacement CFL bulbs in my home with LED lighting. These lights range in price from 6$ to 35$ at DealExtreme, my favourite Hong Kong parts distributor. The brightness and colour output of light varies within the test group and I will post photos once all of the layout issues have been resolved. I already had some dark gaps with CFL bulbs and will be using more reflective surfaces to spread the light. Check it out this September when I post my comprehensive report of the 2008 Energy Challenge.

Currently my recommendation goes to the DX-46 diode unit found here ( It is not a 1:1 replacement for your standard CFL but it does seem to meet the need without breaking the bank. Enough with the pitch, moving on to the details. This conversion will reduce the wattage of each fixture from 13watts to 3watts, across 9 fixtures, no mercury - all win.

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