Presumed Consent and Legal Responsibility

BNDP 2006I thought the threat of presumed consent was long gone in the province of Ontario. I call this idea a threat because it causes more problems than benefits on both the side of ordinary citizens and the Government. As a citizen (or anybody unlucky enough to die in the Province of Ontario under the Kormos plan your organs would be harvested unless the medical team at the hospital finds your name on the opt-out listing. To many this curtails their freedoms in the same way that any other presumption does (military draft, advance taxation, etc.). There are a lot of issues and even more solutions that do not call for this extreme treatment.

On the other side of the coin the Government promises to take responsibility for any and all of the errors that may occur in the process of transplanting organs. Ok, that seems obvious but there is a need for additional organ donorship which I can support as a blood donor for nearly a decade now. Presumed consent in other developed countries has been met with hostility as some who have opted out were harvested. In some south american countries the harvesting of transients (no identification) led to the spread of numerous diseases including AIDS. In Canada our Blood system already experienced the HIV/Hepatitis shock, and any repeat would only serve to decrease confidence in the healthcare system.

Required request is the safe bet if any legislator is looking to up donor levels. It works much like Presumed consent except for the exclusion of government ownership of your body. You can choose to register as a yes or no, otherwise it is a requirement of the hospital staff to ask the next of kin or available equivalent if your organs are suitable for donorship and if you did not already register one way or the other. In this system all errors, challenges by the family, and diseases would be of the responsibility of the one that signed off the corpse under the RR system.

Good medicine in the traditional sense is without sacrifice or curse. Any medication would be temporary and and cure would be discovered in the regenerative power of the human body. That may sound corny, but they are rooted in human history and best manifested in fiction. As vampires that have a never ending need for human sacrifice, or in this situation I should cite Zombies - though I'd like to believe we as Canadians can remain classy and make sure that the sacrifices we make amount to something.

When I had to choose between my deep rooted beliefs in Universal Darwinism and the passing affiliation with the NDP. Very glad that I made the choice to avoid becoming a member. I now support policies in Ontario as a non-partisan Citizen - one of the many pleased by the failure of the mixed-member system that would only increase the power of the parties over community interests.