GBTW: Spring 2008

Yay home-stretch, the part of the University experience that is both gratifying and frustrating. I have three of my term papers due right after St. Patricks Day, which kills any chance of celebrating in one of the last opportunities that I will have with my friends at the University. Luckily there is the BUSU Awards gala (Busies or Buzies, it normally acts as a giant show of self-gratification for those in the BUSU Community (Non-Student Employees, Event Co-ordinators, Select Volunteers, and Financial Contributors). There are still some unsung heroes, the ones that do not fit into the award molds created year after year and I intend them to congratulate them with something new. The unofficial "BUSU Fail-Train Awards" where both unrecognized success and obvious failure will gain recognition. More about that later.