Weekend in Rustic Luxury

StevensonFarms.netGood news, over the weekend of July 18th to the 20th my Uncle Rick and Aunt Nicole celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The length of time passed is no surprise within the family, though it did seem quite impressive to well wishers from their lives. They chose to celebrate the occasion at Stevenson Farms, which is a family operated bed and breakfast inside the former home of grocery magnate T.R. Loblaw. It was a pleasant experience suited to relaxation above all else.

This event also served as a birthday celebration for Marcel and Marc Aubin, twins at 40 years. Their birthday was on the 19th and Nicole Aubin celebrated her birthday on the 18th of July. Most of the family seems to be born between June 21st and August 12th so it is easy to just keep the celebration going. It was my birthday on the 21st, the monday after Alie and I returned home. Many kinds of desserts were provided as part of the anniversary celebrations, so it was probably the most spectacular birthday I've had in the past couple of years, no BUSAC Pie but plenty of good times.

For this event space inside of the estate was limited so Alie and I were given the opportunity to make this into one of our camping trips. All of that was fine until the storm hit, and due to the tent having its fly on upside down it wasn't much help. It was better to sleep soggy than to not sleep at all. Towel would have stopped most of it, but was still wet from the hot tub, that would have been an interesting place to sleep. This sleep will bring you a sense of sleep - have a good sleep.

My birthday brought many rewards, thank you to Dad, Laurie, Ashley, Matt, Alie, Mom, Grammy Irma, Wayne, and to everyone else that chipped in - I will have another post next week covering the exploits of my trip to the Pacific Mall in Toronto.