Hospital Visits ⚕

Just got back from a hospital visit (July 2nd, 2008) and I couldn't be more glad about the results. Though the real reason for being there was personal illness I made it a point to note the improvements that the Niagara Health System has made since my last visit. Staffing for the evening was up to par despite a couple tough cases coming in, one worker even pleaded with a co-worker to let her go early since there wasn't anything they needed to do. No, this isn't a waste - the medical professional was put on cleaning duty and I have to admit that the Welland ER was the cleanest i had ever seen it (results may be skewed as I have generally been in to the old facility or during construction). Niagara Health System, here's to you! Oh and here's to your new state of the art parking lot (j/k, it is shiny)

It took 6 hours from start to finish to go from 'Food poisoning?' NO, 'Stones?' NO, 'Appendix Problem?' Probably not... So, for now it seems that I am likely fighting both a stomach infection and an intestinal infection. The doctor even explained how they came to this conclusion, and that it could be something bigger, but probably isn't. In the morning I'll know for sure if the stabbing, shocking and twisting pains subside. It is OK, I'm an 18-25 year old male - that means I'm invincible. No, I'll be taking it easy while finishing the assignment for Prof. MacArthur's class.

See you tonight.