If the Church of Scientology showed true honesty...

This video would likely be the product of that honesty.

They however do not accept their intentional wrongdoings and label anyone that highlights these criminal actions as "Surpressive persons". Learn more via Enturbulation, Project Chanology, or the Wise Beard Man. Better yet, I'll include some info for April 14th capied from PChan.

Standard Operating Procedure:
1. Multiple Cameras: It would be exceedingly foolish to proceed with the raid without at least one camera with the main group of people, and one down the block or something so that if the shit really hits the fan (or the main camera is broken or otherwise compromised) at least that person can get the video to the authorities and YouTube (in that order, mind) ASAP

2. Nonviolence: Do not, under any circumstances, (other than you being cornered or otherwise unable to escape from the situation) strike or even touch a scientologist counter-protester, etc. Even if you do not have a camera to capture the incriminating evidence (what are you doing without a camera in the first place?), they almost certainly do. If one of the protesters in your group is attacked, drag him back and close ranks. If they start to take your fliers, etc, let them take. Any violence caused by us will give the Scientologists ammunition.

2b. Expelling Spys: Anyone who begins to get violent is probably a Scientologist in disguise. That person must be labeled as such and forced to leave the group. This fact is very important, because it is our anonymity that they will exploit most. Do not let them destroy our credibility!

2c. Safety First: Bring a first aid kit and supplies; if possible, bring a friend trained in first aid.

3. Anonymity: Wear a mask at all times, and if prohibited, a scarf, hat and sunglasses will do just as well. Bulk up clothing enough to obscure your profile, but not enough to hinder your movement when needed most. These people are insane and cannot be expected to act as normal human beings do, and could very possibly tail you in your car/vehicle for miles. Scientologists might have a police officer ask you for ID. In the United States you are not required to ID yourself to a cop to satisfy someone's idle curiosity. Only ID yourself if the cop tells you you'll be arrested otherwise; in that case, ask to do so outside the presence of Scientologists, and politely ask for and record the officer's badge number.

3b. Transportation: Have a vehicle or vehicles capable of holding all of the protesters idling (maybe not, but have someone near as hell to it) and ready to go at all times with a person inside. It may be a boring job, but it could save everyone from harm in case of the shit hitting the goddamn fan. If possible put dealers plates on your car, and leave your real plates inside your car not visible, if a cop stops you for it, it will be simply a fix it ticket and your identity will be safe.

Is this really a good idea? Then they'll get your license plate. It would seem better to park far away so they can't get your license and then walk.

Isn't public transportation a better course of transportation? Remember, anonymity is our strength.

In the state of Maryland, you can be arrested and receive fines and up to a year in prison for driving without plates.

3c. Upon Returning From Raids: Do not proceed to your house! Tailing is highly likely and you don't need these crazies finding where you live. Go to an internet cafe, a library or another place that has public access to internet. Surf to a site that tells of Scientology controversies(preferably the Wikipedia page as it links to many reliable news sources and will not look like a propaganda site to the stalking believer). Do a "toilet break" and the stalker won't be able to resist checking the comp for any possible personal info. And he'll find the truth out himself. WIN. If they're still tailing you, call the police, in fact, if they start tailing you at all call the police.

IF going home is necessary, take an indirect (BUT NOT ABANDONED) route, this way it will be easier for you to tell if someone is trailing. NEVER take any abandoned road if you are being followed, that invites trouble. Some Scifags are capable of some very evil shit (kidnapping, murder, etc), you want to make sure you're visible to the public if you're being trailed.

If you think you're being followed, take only right turns. (or left turns, if that's the side of the road your country drives on)

4. Police: Our Best Friends. Before you raid, inform them of where you will be protesting and when. They might even send a few officers out to hang with you and that will keep the Scientologists in check. Talk to them, 'cause most police officers are in fact pretty hip cats. It also will improve our image as peaceful folk.

Also thanking police officers who show us respect as we picket will help us improve our image. It only takes a second and shows we're there for the common good.

5. Documentation: Carry a lot of it, chances are they'll forcibly take some in their insane anger and tear it to shreds. Again, be sure to let them, and while they're at it grab a few more of the thousands of sheets you already have.

Documents should be LINKS to the doxs via file sharing sites (media file, torrents, etc.) and not the actual verbatim doxs. this way you cannot be fingered for distributing copywrited material (UPDATE- Co$ don't even actually OWN the copyright to the higher OT levels) and it will save you the cost of printing those lengthy papers (titles identifying the contents of the links should be fine). Written out fliers should be short (one or two pages) with publicly available information concerning the churches current and past actions.

5b. Music/Media: Bring a self-powered boombox if at all possible and either play some raid audio or some of their own shit at full volume. Keep a ton of spare batteries in the car, and if they take it and stomp it to death, turn on the cars stereo for a bit.

Note: you will need a permit in some jurisdictions to play music above a certain decibel range.

5c. Fliers: Remember, the first thing people see of the protest is the fliers! Make sure they look good; use a print shop (e.g. kinkos) if you have to. Poorly-made signs hurt our public image! Make sure their are people giving out fliers to the public a few meters away from the main protest - if you've got enough people, have a second group further away still. Many people are much more likely to take a flier from a small group on the outskirts than take one as they hustle past the main action. Make sure you're on both sides of the protest - some people who won't take a flier on the way in may be much more curious once they've been past. If the police have asked you to stay on one side of the road, ask them if small groups can go on the other side of the road say fifty meters away. They'll normally agree, but keep the groups small - this makes it more comfortable for people taking fliers, and easier for the police to just let you get on with it rather than worrying that you're planning something. Basically, make sure you've got the whole show covered, and flirt with people in uniform while you're at it.

5d. Know your Material: For gods sake, read your material (xenu.net, your fliers, etc) before going! having to read your material whenever someone asks a question will discredit the movement!

6. Communication: Invest in some cheap 2-way radios or walkie-talkies for either everyone or a few that lead to those farther away. It isn't strictly needed, but it could do no harm.

7. Know your Rights: Know your legal rights as an activist in your area, for Brits look here: http://www.freebeagles.org/articles/legal_booklet_v3.html. Follow the letter of the law and don't do anything that will get you arrested or give the police reason to confront you, any confrontation may escalate whether through Scientologist intervention or otherwise, so don't give them the opportunity.