OPIRG at Brock University

At Brock there is one organization whose core mission involves Environmental, Social, and Community Change and that would be OPIRG. The Ontario Public Research Interest Group provides the best source of free alternative media under those topics. One might question why a "Research Group" is actively involved in social change, to those people I suggest a viewing of Susan Blackmore's TED Demonstration (http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/269). The ongoing education and research process provides equal access to ideas and concerns regarding human civilization and our interactions with the world.

OPIRG communicates with the outside world prrimarily through its volunteers and activities. Actions speak louder than words, though the OPIRG library is its primary non-human asset. The library is located on the first floor of the BUSU Building (Alumni Centre). OPIRG also has a website and blog with separate uses for separate needs. The website is notable as it uses the same Drupal backbone as KurtisMcCartney.com - this action represents their acceptance of the GPL and by proxy acceptance of the Free-Software movement.

Free as in freedom and that's all it takes to make OPIRG one of my Exceptional Recommendations for 2008. (See left) So go and learn more about OPIRG and you will likely learn more about your relationship with the world around you.

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