Protest June 14th - No Theme

Those keeping track of the Scientology protests might want to keep June 14th on the Calendar. This protest will follow the same rules as previous protests to keep protesters and their identities safe. The videos regarding these rules can be seen at the end of this post.

This protest will not have a theme, at least that is the word going around the Anons at Brock. This is due in part to the actual attacks and litigation against Anon and speakers/family coming out the the protests. Though Battletoad/Fairgaming still applies to their communication networks according to forum members at Enturbulation. Remember, this is against the corporation/cult and not necessarily its members. The rules of the Internet still apply.

Though the case against a British Anon calling Scientology a cult (by means of a protest sign) has been dismissed it is still anticipated that law enforcement will be unnerved by masks. Stay cool. Bring your signs and follow the rules according to Canadian law. Just because the cult does it doesn't mean you have the right to do something. No violence. Bring something to drink, it will be hot and shade is minimal at both the Toronto and Buffalo locations.

If you have the guts, try to bring Rule 34 posters to the event. Canadian laws regarding that content have a couple of weak points in Ontario (see. "or GTFO").

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