Non-Stop Rock Project

Three weeks into the rock project completion is in sight. Everyone is tired from sorting, scooping, and spreading. About one ton of unsorted material left, and it may not be needed to complete the paths. The line count is at 34 and it will take roughly 72 more to finish. On the plus side, the gardens near the start are already built and have grown nicely. Some plastic was found about two feet underground in a section around line 16. It looked like something from the seventies, I guess that plastic really doesn't degrade well. Pictures and more will be up later, I'd like to include a start and finish shot in the album.

In case this all seems unfamiliar it is a walkway project intended to direct clean water flow into surrounding gardens. Since most of the area is swampland reclaimed in the early twentieth century. Read more in late June about the sub-200$ solar-thermal heating/cooling system that is in the works. All it takes is some agricultural hose and some genius.