Anime North and the Fail Train

Dr. ClawThis is the first time I've had an opportunity to post since arriving at Anime North. Many occurances to report about so I'll try to keep things simple, albeit ornate.

Cosplay photos will be up after the weekend in a new album on Picasa. Most of the time from arriving until the middle of Saturday was spent in costume taking photos and adventuring around with other Cosplay members (Esp. Steve Tkachuk as Dr.Claw). Bleach groups met around 1pm to work in front of the convention centre, there were many more Espada than there were Shinigami. Other notable groups from my photo sets include Ouran High groups, Haruihi Groups, Gaming groups, an the occasional photo for the "Cosplay Fail-Train" Collection (See Cardboard box Gundam).

Handheld Gaming event took up three hours of the evening, cycling through Mario Kart DS and a couple of other choice titles that were played en masse with DS units of all different shapes sizes and carts. Ran into Kelly Moylan of Brock Anime at the event. Shortly after the event ended and we had to find something else to do, quick.

Attending the Godzilla room at the DoubleTree was hilarious and action packed. Predictability is a benefit to the franchise although the story maintains relevance through the analysis of the plot devices. Fear of nuclear energy, military armament, foreign invasion and

The rest of the evening was spent hunting down decent food and making the pain in the legs hurt. "Don't Gnomey is a great gnomey of thou gnomes, peace out Gnomey." - Sleep Well goodness knows I will.

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