Brock Budget Time

Schmon TowerIt is budget time at Brock University. The administration and BUSU review last years numbers to what the plan is for the present future.

After filling in for Sohail at the Senate BAC meeting I had an opportunity to see where funding at Brock is headed over the next year. Normally there have only been opportunities to see the enormous numbers that come out of the IT and Infrastructure Committee - this was a refreshing break to see the less costly activities going on at Brock. Senate members also bring a dose of humour when good news is consistent. Good times.

A couple of years ago I held a position on the Finance Committee of BUSAC. It was an uneventful year with the exception of funding the Learning Commons project from a capital account created using ancillary funds. It was temporarily amusing and I am glad to have worked with them at the time. Good times.