Welland Open Source and Linux Campaign

Kurtis at a ComputerPutting the pieces together for an Open-Source Campaign in the City of Welland. Welland benefits from a heritage of superior infrastructure and it continues to be its greatest draw. Fiber-optic systems already in use by major services vendors can fuel the intellectual rebirth of the city and improve its offerings to the world and its citizens. Businesses, Municipal/Regional Government, Schools, Niagara College and the Unemployed of Welland benefit from the freedom that the software would provide to the creative minds of Welland. I could go through a couple more short lists to point them out but the first step is clear - to get the software and affordable hardware out to as many people as possible.

Welland Wi-Fi is a great initial step and I hope that it will continue to benefit the residents of Welland as I spread CDs and provide assistance to individuals looking to make the swap in the Downtown Core. The new Civic Centre and Library would be a great place to start provided that I can work with the staff and the city to find the space to get this work done.

Look forward to this - it is going to be phenomenal.

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