Cold Winds and The Bear

Sifting through the stone has become much more difficult with the cold winds that have come this weekend. The stone has to move though, and we are already one third (by Mondays end, 2/3rds) of the way through the pile. Other than that I am enjoying the little break for Victoria day. My arms, they hurt.

Last week before Anime North, and I have very little in terms of assignments. Spring courses are a mixed blessing though as tougher material will begin to arrive shortly after the big event. The convergence of the Internet and the real world has been a little troublesome, as I discover that it was funnier when only a select few knew what I was talking about and that the things I know have become passe somehow. (Note: Apparently this bear is no longer funny, so I present a lifelike variation sure to haunt childrens' dreams). No need to correct on the name, this website is not about PB - he's just a joke, like Micheal Jackson. (Note - Has been augmented to not appear until post reaches page 2)

Also, I have started planning an Ubuntu/Linux/Open-Source awareness campaign that will be held in the City of Welland. i will be contacting local vendors, shops, civic services in the hopes of making Welland into a Linux behemoth as its low cost of residency and easy access to fibre-optics and... I'll make another post about this as a formal announcement.

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