Kurtis' September 2011 Omnibus Update

Early September Harvest
Plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers have come out of the early September harvest. It''s surprising that some of the white cucumbers cross-pollinated with the larger green cucumbers to get a nice big white cucumber, a couple red cucumbers, and plenty of green cucumbers. Unfortunately the Parsnips are not coming this time around, so that may be the end of the vegetable garden for this year.

Henniges Automotive
I've finished my work at Henniges Automotive and hope that all of the other employees can transition to new jobs and remain in Niagara. I will be continuing the computer training course offered as a benefit to employees of the Welland plant - on the schedule available at the USW Niagara Action Centre.The USW chose to make use of my experience from the Community Access Program (Industry Canada) and I hope that they can continue to build tech skills in Welland.

Web Programmer Position
My new job is with a very popular and successful hotel business in Niagara Falls, though I wouldn't limit the company to the hotel business. They have on site restaurants, a spa, shops, and are in the centre of the largest venues in Niagara Falls. There is a lot of action, I will be busy.

New Server Online
The new server operates at 12 watts, or 20 watts on high load, and will allow the solar array to have a larger 'margin of error' when it comes to staying at full power through the winter months. Keeping bills low is always a high priority - wealth is not about earning, it is about keeping, saving and investing responsibly. The new server uses a solid state drive to keep consumption low, and still performs its automated off-site backup.

Student Debt Situation
Anyone that has known me personally over the last couple years has known the the elimination of my student debt is a top priority. I'd prefer to remain debt free, and while holding that belief I recognized the value in post secondary education. I do not regret choosing to seek an education before a career, and I'd image that my current employer values the skills I built on while at Unversity. This brings me to the point.

Half way there. The principal on the loan is half of where it was at peak. The current repayment schedule that I put together will see the debt disappear 3 years early. One step closer to freedom.