Kijiji Spam

This morning I woke up to find eight (8) emails (and growing) in my inbox regarding some type of trade that people want to make with me regarding vehicles. To clarify, I do not own any cars, vans, trucks, or jet-skis. Even if I did I wouldn't want to trade them on Kijiji after seeing this kind of security breach.

When going to the main Kijiji site to see if these fraudulent messages can be stopped; it was impossible. Impossible because the account doesn't exist. The e-mails appear to come from Kijiji and it is because they do. Kijiji allows any random person out there to send a message using your e-mail address. Normally this would be flagged by spam filters since it doesn't come from Google's servers, but not for Kijiji. I guess Kijiji is on a list of trusted vendors so my only recourse is to post this and hope that the techs at Kijiji can pinpoint to origin IP address of the user impersonating me.

I definitely can't send out the 'Cyber Police' (See Jessi Slaughter). I can report the incidents and find out location information and which ISP the person had used to send out the messages. Then tell them to stop, in person, where they live. Or not.

I have been reporting the event to Google and to Kijiji. Don't trade vehicles, especially when you cannot verify the identity of the person you are trading with.