Success Town Welland

'Success Town?', Yes. The destination of the Fail Train may not be everyones utopia, but if it is just a bit closer to your perfect world call it a success. I had hoped that Welland could get a couple of my out of town favourites including a Sushi/Sashimi Restaurant, Bubble Tea, and Free Public Internet. They all came and I though 'closer to perfect. The Sushi was too expensive for the rest of Welland. The Bubble Tea (Seaway Mall) comes without 'the bubbles'. The Free Public WiFi is too slow and never got the user login system running (to increase speeds). Problem? No.

People saw that we could do more than Pizza and Coffee in the city. When more people are ready to dive into an idea things will be better. With All You Can Eat Sushi - to make the cost worthwhile. With better internet services. And would somebody please get the shop at the seaway mall to take down the 'Bubble Tea' sign if they don't have that product - it's been nearly a year now. Admitting failure is not a problem - it lets someone else try instead.

This year the Welland wishlist includes:
Public MESH WiFi, Sunday Bus Transit, Free Transit Days (During Festivals), AYCE Sushi, Bubble Tea, Stop sign at the corner of Welland Street and Empire Street, Downtown Hot Dog vendor (Summer/Fall), Solar Power on City Hall and Museum and Each Factory (at least for the lights), The Welland/Lincoln Regiment in the Rose Parade, Make businesses on regional roads have to clear snow from the walkway, more bike lanes and repainted lanes by April 1st, Increased police presence in the 'Eastdale Cordage' Area on Friday and Saturday Nights, Fines for both businesses and landlords for litter, Speed limit for the Niagara Circle Route trail (slow down the spandex menace), Bike lane on the Merrittville HWY for E-Bikes, Public drinking fountains (removable for the winter), a low-power Welland TV Station, and more.