New Radio Coming

Seems like this has been a good week, filled with updates. This time around I've managed to find a new VHF/UHF mode radio. This will help with some early preparations for the 2011 Field Day with NPARC. There is a lot that can be done with just a little bit of power. I will be running the radio and computer rig using only solar power. The panel will be able to bank enough energy for the evening and into the next day.

There isn't much else to it than that for the time being. I will have to find some equipment to link the radio to the computer, and that can be done with dollar store parts.

Update: Added a picture of the handheld radio that came in. Of course all images are resized to my default size scheme for the blog.

Update 2: The radio works well but I think I need some help connecting to the local repeater properly. I'm still a little new.