Debt Elimination 2011

The skill building, problem solving, efficiency machine is on the move - I am finally making use of my skills and expertise to help the community and reduce my personal debt. The debt is minor in comparison to that of other people in my age group, however it is a barrier to the opportunities and freedom that I could enjoy without it.

This is thanks in large part to my current employer and all of the organizations that built up to this opportunity. Through the Welland Heritage Council I work the Employment Solutions office as the CAP Instructor. The Community Access Program is a great way for underprivileged members of the community to access, use and learn about the ongoing digital evolution. This article isn't about the functions of the job though, it's about how I can financially move on with my life.

It will be a while until the debts are eliminated, but I have already started to recalculate my living expenses. As many of my friends know - I don't like bills and actively eliminate them. It's part of why my home computer systems are solar powered. It is not expensive, but it does take skill, and in the long run will save money and allow me to shave bills down to their lowest points.

If you are also getting back to work, I'd recommend looking at energy saving equipment now - before the smart meters and tax/credit changes take effect this year. That's what I'll be doing on my spare time.