Winter Foods

It's the time of year to reminisce about Winter Foods. Pies, Cocoa, Gourds, and enough carbs to sleep for a month (literally, winter is at least three months one third is spend sleeping). My own pro-pumpkin propaganda must have worked because there is now extra homemade pumpkin pie in the freezer just in time for the holidays.

Something different we tried at home last year was Kifli, a baked good that included almonds. The recipe we use is an older one from Welland's old newspaper The Guardian, around 1984. It will include almonds again this year as a new tradition was born.

Food traditions are among my favourite traditions, and they transcend cultural differences (the traditions, not necessarily the food). Seasonal dishes allow us to appreciate fresh food while remaining economical. One problem is that some global foods have wiped out local recipes. In Canada, I don't see pineapple as a local food. While I understand that it is a tradition in the southern United States and Pacific, it just never appealed to my local/seasonal food tradition. Processed meats on the other hand are a salty disaster that I choose to willingly eat every year - so don't feel too bad pineapple lovers.

Think about your Winter food and share some ideas and maybe recipes in your community - it's not like The Guardian newspaper will be anymore.