August 2010 Update

I haven't had the chance to publish much this summer on and would like to go over a quick update.

  1. Trip to Northern Camp
    This little excursion was the second to the Northern Camp, and was an important lesson in setting up the space and staying safe in warm buggy conditions in the summer. An improved pack system is being explored for the next adventure.
  2. E-Bike Operational
    Transportation is an issue and without a stable flow of currency moving fast on the cheap was very important. A 2 ampere charger allows me to charge from an existing solar setup and the 5 ampere charger is good for when the battery runs low.
  3. Moving Alie
    It was a pretty big deal getting Alie into her new apartment, and though she is still collecting some missing items pretty much everything she needs is there and most of the things she wants. Her Kobo reader has been really useful and I hope to set her up with a couple more public domain classics.
  4. 25th Birthday
    It was a bit of a lul because I was locked far away but the support really came in for my birthday and I'm glad that I've passed a milestone that ushers in lower insurance rates and increased social pressures to become self-reliant.
  5. Editing "The Feedline"
    I joined the HAM operators to learn more about traditional scientific and infrastructure development. Many ideas have been exchanged but now my curiousity can be their call to action. Collecting information is futile without an outlet to share it and though I expect to receive multiple correction notices it should not deter my curiousity.
  6. Still looking for paid employment
    This is the biggie - Most of my efforts have been to learn to live a good life with very little money. Unfortunately that doesn't mean no money and my reserves are running dangerously low and my student loans remain. I have applied high and low to positions of prestige and minimum wage grease-factories. I am waiting patiently knowing that I have made an effort but my family is running short on that virtue. If you are reading this and can help please use the contact link at the top.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to the fall, and I hope to see you at one or more local events.