Editing NPARC News "The Feedline"

This is another task added to my to-do list, the NPARC's "The Feedline" is a members only publication used to spread relevant information around the group. It also serves as a log, detailing efforts and events not found in the general meeting minutes.

I approach this task with a critical eye. Coming from a world where printed information is very purpose driven - marketing, guides, and manuals means that I will have to incorporate some of the publishing and editing experience that I have from the digital world to fill in a couple blanks.

Criticism is not needed - assistance is. I've tossed the idea out there that a publication for the whole membership should be derived from the whole membership and I have been slowly encouraging active and passive members to contribute. There have also been non-member contributions recommended by members, which greatly expands our writer base.

Printing - even this has been slowly phased out in favour of e-mail distributed digital copies. Some holdouts will still collect the "dead tree" version as they either do not have the technology or the connectivity to receive the digital version. Of course this brings up the real issue - why continue a monthly publication when a rolling digital entity can be maintained and made available to members only. This means that the call for donations can be delivered faster, and notices about the growing number of silent keys can reach companion members before the funeral rather than half a month afterward. It will be a difficult change for some members and must be considered very carefully.

Imitating other publications is difficult when the reader base is so small, but that is the point - it is for the members. A separate journal could be a fundraising tool for the club that includes more product reviews guides to local equipment vendors and suggestions that could make it down to the civilian band types.

Sometimes consistency is better and there ideas are best left on the screen.