Electric Bike Completed 2010

This summer I finished converting my bicycle (Faster and faster, a Bonelli Ultima) into an electric bike with a new nickname.

The bike meets all the minimum requirements for an E-bike in ontario as of August 10th 2010, and is a breeze to pilot even with the 10 kilogram pack on the rear rack. Since the assembly was finished I've tested it on the escarpment, near the lakes, and in tight city driving. The only rough ride I've encountered in August was in Welland, where Fitch St. meets First Ave. because of the abrupt hill combined with high traffic and bad pavement.

The Motor and controller came from Conhis Motors, the battery came from Coddpower. Canadian options in the DIY e-bike area are few and far between and often feature lacklustre options, but I'd buy another Bonelli bike which is Canadian.

I've investigated the idea of swapping the kint to a trike for cargo - again the hardware is difficult to find at prices matching my transportation budget. No worries, most incremental upgrades fare better in the long run anyway.