Million Dollar Changes

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What would I do with One (1) Million Canadian Dollars. Lets presume the taxes existed as part of the sum above 1,000,000. Every self gratifying act is followed by a similar charitable act.

1) Pay down Debts (Student Debt and Personal Debts)
This activity would shave the first $30,000 off the top

2) Eliminate my Mothers Debts on House/Vehicle
I'll just level this off to $70,000 to complete the first $100,000

$900,000 Left

3) Declare Independence
The acquisition of a small property to live/operate Aridaria (my business), as well as bring in all of the equipment and supplies to start production on Aridaria products.

4) Liberate Alie
If I'm moving out I might as well bring along my signifgant other - she has mentioned dreaming of having a space completely her own - there ought to be a section of the property that can fulfill that need.

$550,000 Left

5) Go Off-Grid
Ok, so I'll still be connected to telecommunications but most of the bills will be killed. Photovoltaic Furnace, Stove/Water, Refridgeration, Recreation and Lighting. Five power zones. Of course this might cost more than usual - Lithium Batteries, etc. But at least I've recently acquired the property for it.

6) Contribute to the grid
Might as well get a MicroFIT set up too, and try to bring electricity costs down in Niagara, lololol.

$350,000 Left

Stop Spending the rest of this money must be kept forliving expenses in case Aridaria fails.