Smash Bros. Brawl and BUSU

Kurt 2004I'm looking forward to the SSBB release and subsequent event with the CSC at Brock. The Wii Wednesday directly following the release by Amazon will be huge and may need to be held at a different location. Hopefully I can finish my work and help the others to get theirs done for this event.

Other than that, I am still looking forward to the BUSU Awards ceremony, and encourage any of my friends to let me know what the awards are so that I can attempt to nominate those I feel really deserve the public humiliation and ... cheese... yes.

I continue my testing phase although remain unable to implement a separate instance of Sakai on another server. The database is easy, and it really sucks when its something else that you cannot figure out. If anybody thinks that they can help me to get an instance ready for testing, please contact me via e-mail or in the CSC office.

Alas, the new videos are coming it will take some time to get everything ready and shoot, but it'll be awesome. Also, videos from summer and fall events should be online by now, unfortunately I'm looking for a solution other than YouTube for online content. Most of that footage kinda sucks too (sorry people, the footage sucks - not you). If anyone needs the footage from random events of BUSU/BUSAC, CSC/ACM, or whatnot contact me. (To those with risque photos/videos taken and have approached me, your secrets are safe).