ATSC Digital Channels in Niagara (w/ Buffalo, Toronto, and Hamilton)

I have moved my "Getting away from Cable TV" rant to here.

Rather than updating a table like the AM Schedule, check out Zap2it for Broadcast Listings

ALL of these channels are HD Capable and should be high quality images on new TVs and good older TVs with converter boxes. Look for the ATSC label on new flatscreens. Updated September 2011.

Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo Stations
02.1 - NBC Main (WGRZ)
02.2 - NBC Sports
02.3 - NBC Retro TV
04.1 - CBS (WIVB)
05.1 - CBC (CBLT) (Actual Ch.20)
07.1 - ABC (WKBW)
09.1 - CTV (CFTO) (VHF Only)
11.1 - CHCH Hamilton (VHF Only)
17.1 - PBS (WNED) (High Definition)
- Audio Channel Classic 94.5fm
- Audio Channel Newsradio 970am
17.2 - PBS (Standard)
17.3 - PBS Kids
19.1 - TVO (TVOntario)
23.1 - CW/CBS (WNLO) (Actual Ch.32)
25.1 - RDI (CBLFT) (Weak Station, Direction Specific)
26.1 - Religious Programming, Drama (WNYB)
26.2 - Religious Programming, Sermons (WNYB)
26.3 - More Religious Programming (WNYB)
26.4 - More Religious Programming (WNYB)
29.1 - FOX (WUTV)
29.1 - Country Music Videos
36.1 - Crossroads Television System (CTS on CITS)
41.1 - Global (CIII)
44.1 - OMNI1 (CJMT)
47.1 - OMNI2 (CFMT)
49.1 - MyTV Buffalo (WNYO)
49.2 - Cool TV (Popular Music Videos)
51.1 - ION TV* (Movies) (Actual Ch.23-1) (Weak Station, Night Availability)
51.2 - QUBO (Childrens)(Actual Ch.23-2) (Weak Station, Night Availability)
51.3 - ION Life (Products/Lifestyle Marketing) (Weak Station, Night Availability)
(Note about 51, If you cannot Scan for it try 23-2 on your Zenith/LG/RCA remote)
66.1 - SUN TV (CKXT) (Weak Station, Night Availability)

There are some others, I will add them and descriptions of the stations on each channel when appropriate. Top 2 for me have to be CBC (Sitcoms), and PBS (BBC News).

Check out for more information about what those north of the lake can watch.

Also, please see my Radio Renaissance article, as it is the next step in my journey.