Welland NDP Candidates Support Rail Improvement

After attending the Workers Memorial in Merritt Park on April 28th 2011 the question was posed directly to both Malcolm Allen and Peter Kormos about rail service. To my surprise there was finally a positive response, including a direct affirmation of support and reassurance that Peter Kormos has already began working on what can become the single greatest economic recovery tool in South Niagara and Ontario in general.

This means that I can completely support this set of political candidates and a party. After nearly 4 years of waiting to see if a political party has an agenda for the future I can say that in Welland the NDP candidates could finally deliver.

I like to believe solid state technology can solve nearly any problem - the one that it can't yet is transportation. Rail service is the most efficient and scalable system for large scale transportation. We will not see the successful return of major factories ($2 billion+ annual sales) without rail service to the Pacific Coast. The Atlantic Coast is a three way struggle between highways, rail, and the seaway. On a side note the Seaway has been doing a great job with the Welland Canal, and could use to perform more recruitment in Welland and bring locals into their prosperity.

Good luck, and don't forget to bring your orange and green clothing out on May 2nd, federal election day. (If this is still kicking around in the fall of 2011, support Peter Kormos and the NDP in the provincial election.)