Canadian Spring and You

I'd like to preface this by saying that Brigette DePape Marcelle (The Protesting Page) is a welcome political leader in Welland. This is someone in the government (the real government) willing to take a stand. While I've heard from others that that wasn't the time or place - I disagree.

As a supporter of the Single Transferable Voting system I don't believe we have a democratically elected government representing the majority of Canadians. Even with the majority the heavy handed approach of this new political party (Conservative Party) has been devastating to Young Canadians. Even more so in Welland, where the decline of manufacturing has been so rapid that the adult and youth workforce competes for the few available jobs.

I am in the youth 'underemployed' category, where due to the local jobs shortage I don't even qualify for EI programs designed to get people back into the workforce. Want to join a mentorship program? Not going to happen. The option I do have would have been to apply for the summer student business grant - back when I was still a student.

What should the government do? Manage scarcity and find a better way to connect this generation with employment. The indirect approach isn't working there are too many people wasting too much time looking for work. The looking part isn't the problem - it's connecting youth with employers. We are capable, and probably better, and know the promotion isn't coming.

Employment isn't the only issue, digital rights and culture is also an important factor. It's treated as an alien concept that people should have free access to information. Of course, pay for bandwidth but don't tell people what to use it for. Radio frequencies are scarce.

More problems with the last generation? Going paperfree is alien. They don't believe that they need to join the rest of society online. They don't volunteer as much as we do, yet encourage us to volunteer more (Exceptions in the WW2 Generation). They think the government should be doing more or less than managing scarcities based on our current technology (Scarcities currently include transportation, healthcare, radio frequencies, natural resources, energy, and employment). They don't avoid what hurts them, like alcoholism, overeating, and smoking. They watch too much TV, and pay too much for it. They don't understand why the telephone is a bad choice to deliver important news.

While there are some of those traits present in younger people, those are typically a by-product of their community. Like smoking in Tillsonburg, or telephones in suburbia.

What can you do? If you're older, get out of the way and let some of us succeed. If you're younger, graduating, learning, or just fed up with the grey haired menace holding back your ability to participate in the economy then join in. Get vocal. Get fired. Strike. Take over. Inherit. Don't panic. Be better. Demonstrate. Send the bill. Pick and stick to your true community, not just the local area. Good luck.