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Anime Fridays @ WH324

Greetings, for anybody that hasn't seen the posters around campus I'd like to invite you to come out this Friday to WH324 for Anime Fridays. Anime Fridays is the official viewing night of the Brock Anime club, there are two sets of shows on alternating weeks. On "Week A" there are episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Excel Saga, Higurashi, and a wildcard. On "Week B" you can catch Lucky Star, Ouran High School Hosts Club, Claymore, and a wildcard.

The Anime Club comes together to view, discuss, and enjoy animated programming from overseas. The social component is key, and helps foster a sense of community among those that would otherwise enjoy this material alone. Beth Reading is the current president and is responsible for co-ordinating the Anime Friday events as well as a group trip to the Pacific Mall in February.

I hope to see you there.

Scientology Protests in 2008

After frequenting Project Chanology and Enturbulation I've seen why protesting Scientology is important. It is important to people that want to protect the western "Religious Freedoms". The freedom to believe and participate in a given religion is not contested. However, religious freedom is not and should not be used by an organization to commit illegal acts. Scientology is cursed by its corporate entity, the entity that seeks out money and uses it to fight for dangerous and in many cases lethal freedoms. Freedom to ignore modern western science.

I have chosen to alert my friends, family, and peers of this danger because they deserve to live in peace, in accordance to the laws of their nations. Germany has recognized the risk of permitting the cult of Scientology to have 'the benefit of the doubt' and acted against the Co$. i will post the next protest date when I become aware of it. Row row.

Anime North

Ron Paul, I've been invited to attend the Anime North convention. This convention, held in May, will focus on more than Anime. There will be Anime, Manga (& Doujin), Games, and all of the other media from overseas.

This convention will be held from May 23rd to the 25th, more information can be found on their official website. I will be attending with many of the same people that were present at the Brock Anime trip in February. Good times to come, more on this later.


Image Source http://www.nintendowiifanboy.com/2008/03/05/wii-fanboy-weekly-feb-28-mar-5/
Now that March has finally come, I also happen to be in the middle of 'Essay Season' when along comes my new worst enemy/best friend. Smash Bros for the Wii - which means that aside from taking entire days to focus on my essays there will likely be a couple Brawlidays. Be sure to remind people that you know about the impromptu Wii Wednesday: Brawliday event on March 12th 2008. More info in the Breakout room.

It sounds like others might be bringing in their Wii, but there are no guarantees. I welcome donations to the event on the day of the event to the Brock Computer Science Club. Some materials needed include beverages, food, televisions/projectors, or anything else that one might deem necessary.

The event is considered first-come first-serve and will begin at 10h10 (10:10am) on Wednesday. Remember to finish your work, eat well, and change your underwear every day. Even on Brawlidays.

Elections Again

Kurt 2004 Time has come for the rebound election season when club elections, BUSAC, Senate and a bounty of other elections at Brock move into action. I've signed a couple of forms and would like to congratulate anyone running. Involvement is awesome, I cannot imagine a term in University that hasn't been enriched by some type of involvement.

For BUSAC I've supported Beth, Matt, and Kelly for the Math and Sciences Rep. I've also signed for a couple of my peers in Labour Studies. Victor, a vocal member of the Computer Science Community, is taking a shot toward being an undergraduate student senator on the Administration's Senate. I have been in touch with Joey Brown, another vocal CSC member, as a Graduate though he will be seeking a senate seat with Graduate credentials. Otherwise I presume that involvement will be strong outside of my little community at Brock University.

Oh, just to make it clear - I will not be running for BUSAC this year. I'm looking to graduate as soon as possible, which means before the next council is formed and trained. I will finish my senate term - the rules governing that position (and my two year term) do not require me to run again during my little overlap.

If anyone is seeking advice or help during this confusing period feel free to send me courriel or stop by the CSC office.

PHP Application Rush

Kurt 2004 I've recently immersed myself in a whole new world of applications. Web applications for the home user - more than just calendars and blogs. First, this website has recently had a version of 'Gallery' implemented in the main CMS. Another hurrah goes to TorrentFlux, Dealing with Torrents from anywhere, anytime has made it a lot easier to enjoy the best of the net. Integrated RSS/Torrent features bring the best of Diggnation and other videos and the integrated search connects the dots to almost any FOSS/Linux Distro out there.

Cant stop the rush though, and I'm looking to see what else is out there and how it may be a blessing or burden to newly minted Llinux users at Brock University. Speaking of the new Linux users - many of you were originally given Feisty Fawn discs and it may be time for the Linux equivalent of a Service Pack by applying your dist-upgrade. Look up the upgrade to either Gutsy Gibbon or Hardy Heron. Stay safe though, if it breaks I'm not fixing it.

Kubuntu: Hardy Heron beta

Well, I've done it again. Making the switch to Hardy Heron was a breeze and a batch new features have been implemented on my home computers and my servers. over the last three weeks there was considerable frustration with Gutsy Gibbon and the older kernel version. Specifically its recognition of my SDHC(EHCI) devices and USB2 devices operating at optimal speed. Aside from all of the Jabber this new version already gets my approval. Three main reasons - Good Kernel, Firefox3 default, and a spiffy new look for KDE/Kubuntu Users.

If you are a Brock student and have been looking to make the switch to Linux for any reason send me an e-mail or stop by from 10h00-Noon, Monday to Thursday and I'll see what i can do to help.

Smash Bros. Brawl and BUSU

Kurt 2004I'm looking forward to the SSBB release and subsequent event with the CSC at Brock. The Wii Wednesday directly following the release by Amazon will be huge and may need to be held at a different location. Hopefully I can finish my work and help the others to get theirs done for this event.

Other than that, I am still looking forward to the BUSU Awards ceremony, and encourage any of my friends to let me know what the awards are so that I can attempt to nominate those I feel really deserve the public humiliation and ... cheese... yes.

I continue my testing phase although remain unable to implement a separate instance of Sakai on another server. The database is easy, and it really sucks when its something else that you cannot figure out. If anybody thinks that they can help me to get an instance ready for testing, please contact me via e-mail or in the CSC office.

Alas, the new videos are coming it will take some time to get everything ready and shoot, but it'll be awesome. Also, videos from summer and fall events should be online by now, unfortunately I'm looking for a solution other than YouTube for online content. Most of that footage kinda sucks too (sorry people, the footage sucks - not you). If anyone needs the footage from random events of BUSU/BUSAC, CSC/ACM, or whatnot contact me. (To those with risque photos/videos taken and have approached me, your secrets are safe).


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