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Pacific Mall Trip

Finally made it back to the Pacific Mall, didn't spend as much of the birthday money as I thought I would. Every time I go to the Pacific Mall I find frustration and inspiration in the product diversity and prices.

The focus of shopping during this trip was Wii Games, Figma Haruhi, Presents for family, Snacks, and random pieces of hardware for my creative tech projects. The Wii search was a failure as only two vendors actually dealt legit games and they were very far from competitively priced. I opted to shift that funding to Amazon since they get things done. I found a defective Figma Haruhi and instead settled for Nendroid Haruhi to save space. After going to ONE and Smart Maple we were able to find gifts for all of the nieces and nephews. Although Alie kept a Giant "Thumpers Wife" plush (from Bambi) for herself. During all of these shop changes Alie kept an eye out for deals on sweets. Ended up with $60 CAD worth of Pretz, Pocky, Mochi, Beef Jerky and some other stuff.

Hardware searches were also a failure. I will instead be receiving all of the equipment via vendors from Hong Kong. Two of my preferred vendors include Brando Workshop and DealExtreme and they represent the most mainstream sets of my acquisitions. A bulk order of LED lighting for A Socket fixtures (Normal Lights) as well as a complete kit for my laptop including silica protectors for nearly every corner, hole or surface. OK, this is not bragging - this is a preface to my upcoming experiment in environmental advocacy. Sometimes even individuals need to invest in infrastructure upgrades.

This post may be nearly a week late but it is still in! Now for the next.

Weekend in Rustic Luxury

StevensonFarms.netGood news, over the weekend of July 18th to the 20th my Uncle Rick and Aunt Nicole celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The length of time passed is no surprise within the family, though it did seem quite impressive to well wishers from their lives. They chose to celebrate the occasion at Stevenson Farms, which is a family operated bed and breakfast inside the former home of grocery magnate T.R. Loblaw. It was a pleasant experience suited to relaxation above all else.

This event also served as a birthday celebration for Marcel and Marc Aubin, twins at 40 years. Their birthday was on the 19th and Nicole Aubin celebrated her birthday on the 18th of July. Most of the family seems to be born between June 21st and August 12th so it is easy to just keep the celebration going. It was my birthday on the 21st, the monday after Alie and I returned home. Many kinds of desserts were provided as part of the anniversary celebrations, so it was probably the most spectacular birthday I've had in the past couple of years, no BUSAC Pie but plenty of good times.

For this event space inside of the estate was limited so Alie and I were given the opportunity to make this into one of our camping trips. All of that was fine until the storm hit, and due to the tent having its fly on upside down it wasn't much help. It was better to sleep soggy than to not sleep at all. Towel would have stopped most of it, but was still wet from the hot tub, that would have been an interesting place to sleep. This sleep will bring you a sense of sleep - have a good sleep.

My birthday brought many rewards, thank you to Dad, Laurie, Ashley, Matt, Alie, Mom, Grammy Irma, Wayne, and to everyone else that chipped in - I will have another post next week covering the exploits of my trip to the Pacific Mall in Toronto.

Sleep Time Now

The switch from night courses to morning courses hasn't been as smooth as before. Though I am glad to have a proper dinner on weeknights again it hardly makes up for the on and off feeling that overwhelms my body. Two minutes awake followed by 30 seconds of sleep that I have no control over. It sucks. In a normal situation I would sleep and then adjust in a better way, but there isn't enough time for that.

I guess I'll have to prepare an ultra relaxing evening - the kind that will knock someone out in no time. Movies at a local theater, tea, lots of fake yawns to pass around the real yawns. Sounds like genius right? I'll see how it goes.

New Semester

Female Professor Rick CheelThe Spring Session of classes has ended and I survived the 4 exams in 25 hours. This means there will be no more posts about Prof. Cottrell and her dances, or Prof. Bell and his adherence to factual errors in course curriculum, or Prof. MacArthur... which did nothing out of the ordinary - other than being the youngest professor I've had.

Now here comes the boss level. The new session involves only one major course, Geology and the Environment (ERSC1F90), with Professor Rick Cheel. I have experienced on of his lecture series before, which is now the reason why I explicitly avoid classes held in the David Howes Theatre. Most other students have mixed reviews of hime either being horribly intimidating or having the demeanor of a total stoner. I see good reasons for both, as any non-science major would jump into a science course for the mandatory context credit this man holds a great deal of power regarding ones ability to graduate - very intimidating by proxy. On the flip side he reads. It is this slow monotonous reading that even though the course material was interesting and the presentations media rich sent me into a pseudo-slumber in DHOWES (Dim the lights and talk slowly in a deep voice and I will ... what? where am I?). Also, he is likely one of the professors that is most secure in his job, as a senate leader and professor in a set of courses that most students find refuge in he has considerable influence and recognition. His career seems so externally strong he could probably survive a couple ... rants.

Here is a heads up bonus to all of the other students attending this summer course. Good luck.

Upcoming: Birthday

Kurtis Birthday 2007Good news, my birthday is just around the corner, and though I do not expect big celebrations it may be an opportunity to go on a couple of random adventures. I've got a short trip to Toronto for the vow renewals of my Uncle and his wife. This ought to be interesting since I've never been given the opportunity to head to where they live.

I've heard of a couple other things going on including a mystery picnic at Montebello that Janine told me about as well as the post-birthday trip to the Pacific Mall in Toronto. Many fun things to do at the P-Mall. I've got to start picking and choosing who can come along for this trip. Until that gets worked out I suggest that everybody relax and enjoy the summer - even if you have full time work or classes.

Hospital Visits ⚕

Just got back from a hospital visit (July 2nd, 2008) and I couldn't be more glad about the results. Though the real reason for being there was personal illness I made it a point to note the improvements that the Niagara Health System has made since my last visit. Staffing for the evening was up to par despite a couple tough cases coming in, one worker even pleaded with a co-worker to let her go early since there wasn't anything they needed to do. No, this isn't a waste - the medical professional was put on cleaning duty and I have to admit that the Welland ER was the cleanest i had ever seen it (results may be skewed as I have generally been in to the old facility or during construction). Niagara Health System, here's to you! Oh and here's to your new state of the art parking lot (j/k, it is shiny)

It took 6 hours from start to finish to go from 'Food poisoning?' NO, 'Stones?' NO, 'Appendix Problem?' Probably not... So, for now it seems that I am likely fighting both a stomach infection and an intestinal infection. The doctor even explained how they came to this conclusion, and that it could be something bigger, but probably isn't. In the morning I'll know for sure if the stabbing, shocking and twisting pains subside. It is OK, I'm an 18-25 year old male - that means I'm invincible. No, I'll be taking it easy while finishing the assignment for Prof. MacArthur's class.

See you tonight.

Getting what you ask for - a lesson

Not too much new going on outside of the mad rush to complete all assignments. Though more than half have already been handed in there is still more.

This may seem like a familiar situation for most University students, and the only thing I can find myself thinking about when it becomes overwhelming is "You get what you ask for". These frustrations and overcoming them is part of how I display my aptitude. Sometimes it is not worth it, though most of the time it is. So to any other students feeling the crunch in the spring semester I hop you can come through another semester alive.

My last assignments are the papers for Prof. Cottrell of Brock University, self-titled author of Mrs.C's Economics with Ease. Economics courses are a great way to round off a degree in Political Science.


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