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Apathy: The opposite of good is not evil.

Club Fair 2006I've already received feedback regarding the first two segments of the Apathy series (planned to be a twelve part series). Many people seem to be very confused about what apathy is and why it is very dangerous to a community or society.

Indifference - One of my favourite extreme examples of apathy inaction is found in the Boondock Saints, a movie. Corruption and unchecked power gradually put the community of two Irish Catholics in Boston in peril. Everybody silently complies to the wrongdoings because nobody has the strength to fight it. Even the beginning of the movie points out the true story of Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed to death in public. Simply put by the priest "..there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men". That indifference is apathy.

I'm not asking the Brock students to become vigilantes. I hope that the students of Brock can become aware of what they are funding, why, and how they can use the resources provided to them.

Corruption - Without advocacy from any level the organizations that hold power are destined to become corrupt. When, rather than if, this corruption sets in the students watching it unravel will likely come to Brock and graduate before all of the reform needed to return to balance has been implemented. Balance between interests and responsibility, and the representation of diverse interests from the Brock community should be sought after persistently.

Hostility - Most hostility between organizations and students at Brock is not about disagreements, it is about miscommunication. One organization could be promoting the benefits of an initiative while another attacks the costs of implementing an initiative. When people argue like this it becomes impossible to comprimise and come to an agreement. If a scientific approach can be taken to problem solving at Brock the hostility that leads to apathy can be averted. Simply Put:

  • What is the problem or interest?
  • What are our options and what are the costs?
  • Which solution best fits our model
  • Accomplish the task, either fast or cost effective - never expect both
  • Uphold the value of that accomplishment

It is impossible to proceed effectively if these steps are not taken in order as part of a development cycle. Much like my favourite cycle in policy (Organize, Implement, Maintain, Improve) this setup has already been accepted in organizational documents, unfortunately students often make shortcuts on policy that come back to haunt them when they actually do have to tackle a controversial issue.

No Fun - This may seem unimportant, but I want to remind everyone that you only get to live once. During this life there are some worthwhile struggles, though not everything should be a struggle. Taking the fun out of being a Brock student is the greatest consequence of apathy. Though some may point out that the Niagara club scene is on the upswing that leaves many people, like myself a non-alcoholic, with few choices for social gathering. Please don't force the geeks of Brock to be shut-ins, they need to make that choice on their own.

If you agree that the opposite of good is apathy, rather than evil, then I hope you can take the steps needed to build pride in your community academic or otherwise.

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Apathy: BSA (Business Students' Association) of Brock

Business Students of Brock UniversityThis organization benefits from having some of the brightest and best trained individuals out of the Business Program at Brock University.

BUSU, CFBU, The CSC, OPIRG, Brock Pride, Brock Press, and Athletics at Brock are all egalitarian organizations. The BSA is not an egalitarian organization. Other important points to remember about this organization include:

  • It is not a part of BUSU, and is not accountable to students
  • It is acting independently from its faculty
  • The space it is given on campus is greater than that alloted to Brock Pride
  • It is not alone, the CSC (Computer Science) exists in parallel

What most of this boils down to is that the funding that it receives from BUSU, and the space that it receives from the university are not tied to a tangible benefit for all students. This problem means that the BSA should be reliant on its faculty and members to administer and fund its initiatives. Otherwise open your doors to the students at large.

Though the Computer Science students also have their industry organization with an office on campus, not once has that organization demanded funding outside of the department. The CSC also acts as an egalitarian point of access to the ACM and IEEE at Brock University. The CSC is funded by the faculty and grassroots fundraising. All Computer science students pay an additional fee to the faculty for use of printing equipment during their classes. All students enrolled in COSC classes enjoy this service - regardless of faculty

I cannot even begin describe the apathy that a non-egalitarian organization produces. Please stop unplugging the students from a great organization on their campus.

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Apathy: CFBU 103.7fm (Brock Radio)

CFBU 103.7fm at Brock UniversityCFBU stands at the start of my list of campus activities devastated most by widespread student apathy. During my time on their Board of Directors at CFBU (as a BUSR representative) I noticed some disturbing trends. In point for, here are the big problems:

  • Anti-BUSU Attitude, Anything but BUSU
  • Focus on community rather than campus radio
  • Closed door policy on newcomers
  • Top-down management, without any appeal structure
  • No accountability clauses on student funding
  • Unwillingness to adapt to new technologies

Each of these points represents actions taken by staff and hosts to inhibit development. Though CFBU has since re-introduced web streaming services they still cannot allow catalog or allow for adequate online access to older spoken word shows. Some hosts have taken it upon themselves to post their own shows on their personal blogs.

Involvement - The lack of student members at the station, financial accountability, and its distance from campus are the three major factors inhibiting the change that is needed to bring Brock Radio and CFBU back to life. Student apathy can be curved by making CFBU relevant to the students of Brock, not necessarily relevant to BUSU.

Money - Cutting off funding and starting from scratch in an attempt to impose the accountability clauses for the students of Brock seems unlikely, meaning that change has to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Funding currently stands at $1.50/Full Credit, $0.75/Half-Credit, to the sum of $140,000+ per year. This sum increases every year that new students come to Brock, though CFBU is without growth relative to this change.

Location and Barriers - The CFBU office downtown is frequently empty and left behind locked doors that some members cannot even access. Even I wasn't allowed free access to the facility when I was a legal representative of the organization. Imagine how difficult it is for new volunteers trying to start a show.

Please get involved with CFBU, ask them and organizations on campus to bring CFBU out of exile and back to campus. Brock Radio needs to be at Brock University.

Update (Fall 2013): Turns out after years of apathy the situation has never changed. The best plan as presented by Danielle Hunter is to defund. The students in favour of saving Brock Radio also see the need to defund in advance of a reboot. They propose to reboot BUSR and implement undergraduate student requirements in exchange for undergrads money. All of this is pending a referendum asking to end the current BUSR levy on students. This doesn't exempt BUSR from collecting grants or other funding for campus radio, which means that CFBU shouldn't overstep its rights and apply for the same grants that BUSR has been after the undergraduate levy is gone.

Options remain to find funding from the faculties, graduate students association, and other established entities on campus. I'm sure Sodexho would be open to the idea of promoting their on campus locations, for a fee and if CFBU hosts would stop publicly criticizing BUSU, Sodexho, and the University Administration. All of that negativity is a root cause for student apathy - if students don't care then they shouldn't pay. Any community member is still welcome to pick up their $25 membership card, unless that has been phased out too.

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KurtisMcCartney.com RSS Feed

RSSPlease don't forget that KurtisMcCartney.com comes with an RSS feed to keep track of updates and release articles to newsreaders, including the Amazon Kindle and Sony E-Reader. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an excellent way to aggregate your news content and get past the news and on with your life.

Thank you for reading this dry PSA regarding the use of RSS.

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City of Welland Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovations

City of Welland at 150 YearsThe City of Welland has often been the source of innovative ideas and ambitious projects, although from time to time it must import its innovation after the fact. As the jobless masses in Welland increase in numbers many of these people are losing their cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. Cost of insurance, fuel, maintenance, loan repayment, and parking are moving beyond the means of some citizens. This shift in users from driving to cycling and pedestrian travel. I hope that the City of Welland, and its partners, can implement the following changes to ensure that the city isn't crippled by its lack of diverse infrastructure:

Cycling Innovations:

  • Bicycle racks on Long Range Welland buses
    • Esp. the University, Pelham, and Port Colborne Routes
  • Bicycle lanes on arterial roads, with intersection markers
    • Keeps cyclists safe and roads clear
  • Seasonal timetable for service delivery
    • Smart development to add new opportunities

Pedestrian Assistance:

  • Install Sidewalks around ALL Residential and Commercial facilities
    • Accessibility set as a priority, especially for Elderly Chair Riders
  • Enforce Sidewalk clearing bylaws or assign it as a City service
    • Dangerous liability vs. Job creation opportunity (Public or Private)

These measures are not extreme, and depending on implementation are not costly. Rebuilding the electric train system would be extreme and expensive, luckily I'm not calling for that for now. If you agree please express these goals to the division managers and elected members in Welland.

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Welland All-Candidates Debate (2008 Federal Election)

The all-candidates debate held at Brock University included Malcolm Allen(NDP), Alf Kiers(Con.), John Maloney(Lib.), Jennifer Mooradian(GRN), Ron Walker (CPC-ML), and Jodi DiBartolomeno(Ind.). Apologies to those that did not attend, this is a review and commentary regarding the event - not the election. Candidates appeared in the following order:

Ron Walker, Marxist-Leninist

Ron Walker, Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)Economy: "If anyone thinks Canada can stay the course and wait, they are gravely mistaken." This has been driven by Harper's competitive focus leading to an unsustainable economy.
Jobs: Focus on getting reformed criminals back to work to prevent more crime and boost the economy. Spoke about the economic paradigm in relation to the ecological paradigm and how sustainability is what could save our economy.
Health Care: Spoke against health-care privatization and a system of unstable subsidies.
International Relations: Took an apologetic approach to our international aid, with a focus on our nearly non-existent presence in the prevention and treatment of aids. Claims that we owe the people of Haiti a great debt after their latest coup. Spoke out against our ongoing embargoes and silence regarding American policies hurting the developing world.
Environment: Corporations in our forests, depleting our resources. Multi-national corporations taking equipment out of our communities. Guarantee access to information and allow to recall the member of parliament mid term. Recognised climate change in Canada and the participation of NGOs in promoting global governance against climate change. Chastised the Conservatives for ignoring the issue and the Liberals for neglecting a risk that they recognized.

Malcolm Allen - New Democratic Party

Malcolm Allen, New Democratic Party (NDP)Education: Malcolm Allen focused on meaningful training institutions, with a focus on career placement and opportunity. Numerous attacks against the existing Conservative system.
Economy: Attacks include how the Conservatives have failed Auto Assembly Workers, Auto Parts Workers, Canneries, Group Agriculture. Big oil, Big Banks and Big Losses - average income in Niagara is said to have gone down 1000$ in the time the Conservatives have been leading.
International Relations: Focused on mortality rates in these nations since Canada bailed on funding their changes, and ending how multi-national corporations make these nations poorer.
Poverty: Action plan to eliminate poverty by 2020, by phasing in a 5000$ child benefit credit as well as guarantees that no level of government will be taking that money away. Unfreezing the minimum wage to make sure that the poorest people in Canada can survive. investment in Green Jobs to train young persons and retrain unemployed Canadians. Also creating a position in the federal government to oversee how multi-national corporations operate Canadian industry.
Electoral Reform: Enact proportional representaion as a response to electoral reform. Abolish the senate altogether as a source of corruption. Regulate against having members cross the floor.
Environment: Recognizing the Conservative Clean Air act which has not come into function across Canada. Reductions of Greenhouse gases exponentially below 1990s levels, no fuzzy numbers, solid goals. They intend to attack greenhouse gases and work with all of their partners to reach those targets.

Alf Kiers, Conservative Party of Canada

Alf Kiers, Conservative PartyEconomy: Focused on developing an economic growth strategy. His Niagara plan includes forming a stronger voice, competitive environment, target major employers, improve infrastructure, and re-branding the Niagara Region. Claims that unemployment is at its lowest in over thirty years, which Maloney took great exception to. "In 2000 and 2008 our budgets allowed tax breaks to corporations in order to promote Canada as a great place to set up shop."
Child Poverty: Spending 130$ Million on why child poverty is on the rise in Canada, and claims that creating jobs is the best way to fight poverty.
Jobs: Welland needs a strong voice at the table to insure that our community is relevant to the federal government.
Electoral Reform:Promoted an elected senate and proportional representation. Called carbon taxes ludicrous and called for making efficiency a priority.

John Maloney, Liberal Party of Canada

John Maloney, Liberal Party of CanadaEducation: John Maloney held to increasing funding for infrastructure, new buildings and transportation to campus.
Jobs: Agreed with Kiers on the development initiative to generate job opportunities. Rebutter to Keirs claim that unemployment would be at its lowest level in thirty years.
International Relations: Taking a stand for developing democratic institutions in developing nations around the world. "If we help the at home we will not have to harbour them as refugees, they will be happy at home".
Child Poverty: Spoke about the 30-50 plan to eliminate widespread poverty 30% and child poverty by 50%. A 350$ child tax benefit per year. Child tax benefit from 1000$ to 1850$ as well as a focus on a child care and early learning programs across the country.
Economy:Maloney has advocated bringing an economic development plan to Niagara in the same way that the Maritimes, Quebec and Norther Ontario have done in the past. Taking a pro-active stance on identifying failing industry and protecting Niagara through the economic development plan. Complete the twinning of the peace bridge, bring the 406 to Port Colborne, and the mid-Niagara Corridor.
Electoral Reform: Electoral reform was a trigger for discussion about how Harper fixed election dates and then broke his own law at a cost of 300$ Million. Proportional representation was highlighted as a failure in multiple provinces. Liberals made committee chairs and the house speaker elected from within the membership.

Jen Mooradian, Green Party of Canada

Jen Morradian, Green Party of CanadaEducation: Equated post-secondary funding to preemptive anti-poverty system. Offered non-descript solutions involving theoretical alternatives in public transit. Promised funding to increase the number of tenured positions.
International Relations: No new aid commitments since the early nineties, while most of the world lives and dies in poverty.
Child Poverty: Addressing it in a systematic way including homelessness, all citizens having access to a guaranteed annual income, stronger than minimum wage. By addressing the problem the greens claim to present a comprehensive solution.
Jobs: From her perspective we need to bring work and trade back to the local level so that farming families can afford to continue working for decades. Technological changes away from GM toward innovative businesses coming to Welland.
Electoral Reform: Claims the electoral system does not work and advocates toward partisan representation. Creating a citizens assembly as a ballot question. Renew commitment to fixed election dates to allow governments to finish their work without fear of dismissal.

Jodi DiBartolomeno - Independent (Fmr. NDP)

Independent Jodi attacked both Jack Layton and his deviations and incumbent Maloney for sitting idly by while the Conservative government engaged in activities he wouldn't stand for. Especially concerned about the funding going into international aid and how some of our greatest international missons have been cut while no rel benefit has been seen domestically. Canada should not be in the business of keeping developing nations out of the global economy. This has created widespread brutality and injustice in the international private sector. Spoke about how Americans and the WTO halted the domestic manufacture of pharmaceuticals in developing nations. Addressing poverty by focusing on Globalization, how Conservativea nd Liberals legislate poverty into our standard of living rather than taking the battle against poverty overseas. "De-industrializing more and more leading to widespread joblessness and poor children tend to have poor parents". Brought a focus to economic nationalization where Canadians are active in a global economy. Spoke about revering free trade and globalizing forces. Promotes a move toward proportional representation, which seems strange to promote as an independent candidate. Shifting our energy sources rather than simply taxing carbon emissions, went so far as to claim that Carbon taxes are ineffective if not tied to development - Attacked Jack Layton's (and Barack Obama's) policy of cap and trade taxation.

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Rice is Awesome

Rice Photo from Keetsa.com Rice is my favourite food and as I learn more about human nutrition and food preparation it has only become more important to my culinary lifestyle. Simply put, rice is delicious and it only gets better when adding some of other great flavours. Spicy food gets an extended run when all of the flavour is integrated into each grain of rice. Mmm, I know what will be prepared at dinner tonight.

Now manufacturers are using rice and its organic waste to produce new biodegradable products and materials. Keetsa, a mattress and sleep product firm, produces and sells their rice/tea sleep sets online at Keetsa.com - I would recommend them to people looking for an expensive alternative to traditional mattresses.

Rice recipe books are usually lacklustre, I've found that simply importing rice into other great recipes has been a much better choice. Unfortunately most of my recipes come from different places across the internet and the Linux recipe book programs are far too technical and unattractive at this point. Rice is great on its own, so maybe all that effort isn't entirely necessary. Mmm.. bland.

Rice even has a history in the hacker community in Captain Crunch, a cereal based on rice crackers that doesn't go soggy in milk. Japanese patents taken over by Americans after world war two led to this innovative food making its way to western tables. Hackers found their calling from the marketing of this cereal, the captains trusty dog was called by whistle, the Cap'n Crunch whistle which was packaged in. That whistle would become the key to free communication and thus a hacker subculture found its roots. Through intellectual property theft from the Japanese and American marketing - seems like a pirates life.

Rice can be grown in nearly any safe climate, this is another reason why my interest is piqued. If rice can be grown in Niagara I would be very interested in subscribing to receive the freshest, delicious (and hopefully affordable) rice that I would ever consume. So if you haven't enjoyed rice recently please take the time to find some and get creative.

(I'll be looking into more rice based greentech in the coming weeks, please stop by to see the results.)

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OPIRG Members at Brock (Shoutout)

OPIRG Red LogoHello. The OPIRG weekly newsletter had an interesting mention about myself and this website. Though I am used to giving a shout-out to the OPIRGBrock.org website and all of the people that make OPIRG Brock possible this is a small honour. Please go to their website to learn more about them, however if you would like to hear more about how the website revamp came together please stay and read.

The OPIRG-Brock website had numerous issues with readability and accessibility. Though the images on the website were pretty it did not effectively convey the information to search engines and translation engines. Can't auto-translate an image file. Most of the work was spent rewriting the website from scratch to fit it nicely into the content management upgrade.

Now for the geeky bits. After upgrading the Drupal install and all associated databases we stuck with the default theme and added all of the customizations that would help define the OPIRG-Brock brand. This brand is not to waver from the feeling behind OPIRG-Brock, this brand is to increase its relevance in the community and act almost as a seal of approval that what will go down with OPIRG will be [adjective] (awesome, creative, inclusive, insightful, etc.)

This comprehensive approach has already yielded great benefits in search and will include built-in translation and the Podcasting system (which is ready, shy of the actual content). Please get involved with OPIRG, become a general volunteer. If you have the ambition start a working group, I'd support a trains initiative.

Rough Week

This post may be a week late, though it is not without reason. Over the course of the week from Sept 15th to Sept 22nd the world sucked hard.

Monday: Spent a beautiful day cycling until I was swept off my bicycle by a truck. Getting hit is bad, people speeding away afterward WORSE.EMTs say I'm alright, which is good.

Tuesday: Spent in preparation for a series of meetings which meant I couldn't fix the bicycle. The meeting of Welland City Council was a snore. Waste of a day. (and evening)

Wednesday: Bicycle shop opens at 1pm instead on Wednesdays, no repairs and no ride. Although I did get to attend the Positive Spaces workshop, which was good. Later that day I attended the Teaching and Learning Policy Committee (Which I joined to follow-up on Sakai.) and we focused on a recognition system to promote senate work... not every meeting can be about my ♥ on Sakai.

Thursday: Drummed on through my classwork, finally got to the bike shop. Some parts were irreparable and the bill exceeded my spending cap. Spending cap breached and that killed my date with Alie. (Sorry Alie, we can go to the movies again next week, by bike!)

Friday: Spent working on a series of new website features for KurtisMcCartney.com and OPIRGBrock.org, good. Finding a present for my Grandmothers 80th Birthday - on my broken budget was the bad. Bad, Fail, Error and so-on... Alie, I'll be 'fundraising' to apologise to you in a very big way.

Saturday: Aforementioned Birthday for the Octogenarian, good day for her and phenomenal way to hear her cut up the MTO for making her take the Driving test later this week. After fighting against discrimination (women) for so long the new discrimination (ageism) is equally hated. Then I mentioned the ageism in Auto Insurance... Everybody hurts.

Sunday: Lift, move, store, restore. Menial tasks requiring feats of strength hurt after a while. At least I had Discovery by DAFT PUNK to make things Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

See you tomorrow on my own personal fail train. All Aboard.


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