Working in Niagara Falls

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Over the last couple months there has been mounting pressure to find a place to call home that is a little closer to work and much easier on gasoline.

Business in Niagara Falls

Seems as though there is a lot that the businesses in Niagara Falls have to do in order to play catch-up with other major cities. Digital services are in demand across nearly every service oriented business. This includes restaurant point of sale systems, digital imaging, online marketing, and revision management systems. The good part is that we're able to skip the rebuild issue that many older businesses in Toronto and New York suffer from when they migrate to a new platform. No legacy data means that there are no problems.

Niagara Falls Real Estate

I like the idea of living close to where you work, and Niagara Falls is close enough to my hometown to make the switch without too many issues. The down side is the idea that everyone that I work with daily also lives in communities outside of Niagara Falls. There is something strange about the disconnect between locals and some of the top jobs in Niagara Falls. Maybe we're able to appreciate the value - everything loses its sheen once it is a part of the .

Niagara Falls is essentially "under the power lines", a fact that sticks in my head every time I look at Niagara Falls Real Estate listings. I shouldn't be one to judge since I grew up next to a steel forge with a considerable amount of electrical current passing through the lines leading to the factory.

i'm waiting for a great deal in a great location, even if it needs a little work.

Working Digitally and Bi-nationally

Another plus about Niagara Falls is that the proximity to the US Market and easy ability to collaborate with offices in the United States give the entire region a competitive edge. Sitting on top of some of the fastest digital infrastructure in the world, with a short drive to a local farm... almost better than anywhere, save for California. I'm not one to go to California and give up on the Canadian lifestyle though.

Better conditions for business, good real estate in a variety of options, and situated perfectly for bi-national partnerships. Things seem to be working in Niagara Falls.