Winter in Niagara Falls - Four Great Local Draws

Niagara Falls Winter by phawr

This is the second year of making the daily trek to Niagara Falls each day. There are many interesting things to do in Niagara Falls for visitors, unfortunately for the local crowd some of the best and cheapest activities remain seasonal.

Frijoles Fresh Mex

Between the pricey dishes and the random fees most of Niagara Falls is a bust for people looking to save a dime, plenty of value for those that have time and money. Frijoles is the solution, Fresh is in the name. One burrito is enough for almost anyone, one burrito is equivalent in filling value to a footlong sub from one of the sandwich shops. Except you will never experience the spicy madness of the Scotch Bonnet Tin Sauce at a sandwich chain. Frijoles is worth the trip to Niagara Falls on its own.

Scenic Route to Welland

I drive to Welland in the dark each night in the Winter, the darkness becomes friendly and the glow of the three major cities has been a simple pleasure. This year has been interesting as the Welland glow has changed colour to match the new streetlamps. Just stop by Welland for some beer and wings this winter and compare the different glow of each city from the dark countryside.

Niagara Falls Cineplex

Even in the dead of Winter the Cineplex is the biggest draw for locals on the south side of Niagara Falls. Located on the same grounds as the Niagara Square Mall, which is experiencing an extended slow period due to slow development in the land around the mall. In Niagara the Cineplex in Niagara Falls is among the cleanest and most spacious of cinemas, although it comes at a cost. Admission to the Seaway Cinemas in Welland are typically between 10% to 30% cheaper, although that is to a flat floor cinema facility. As anyone that frequents a Cineplex Odeon facility knows the Tuesday night discount makes the cinema experience a little easier on the pocket book.

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights on the Cheap

I'll admit that much of the tourism in Niagara Falls is an effort to exchange amusement for money. This pushes the question 'what if the amusement were free?' The answer is simple - it was free already. While the drive up the Niagara Parkway may not be as stunning as seeing the city covered in snow from the Skywheel it is a little over $10 per person cheaper. Each year I make it a point to do a 'lights off' run through Dufferin Islands, the park that has dozens of trees wrapped in mesh lighting. This can be troublesome with some of the other vehicles plowing through the park with their high beams on and it would be nice to see a notice asking for some courtesy. Did I mention this is free? The good volunteers have made this free for a very long time - take at least a quarter of that money you saved and donate it to keep this tradition alive.

Would like to post more, but four is the limit for now. Try these local activities and save some money to pay off debts before interest rates go up.