Welland Rose Festival - June 1st and 2nd 2013

Welland Rose Festival - Days in the Park - June 1st and 2nd 2013

As it turns out I've been helping with the Welland Rose Festival, as a member of the board of directors and a co-chair of the first event. I hope that all of the businesses that left during the recession can make a comeback, alongside some new ones. On June 1st and 2nd the Days in the Park Event kicked off the 2013 Rose Festival.

Since many businesses from outside of Niagara have made it their mission to specialize in festivals it has been difficult to convince local groups to make the effort. I'm hoping that the most successful groups in Niagara will be able to look at their figures and decide to return to Niagara's most resilient festival.

Some especially exciting news this year included the fact that we doubled the number of spaces for participating vendors at the two-day event. Alongside the vendor space is a children's area that includes an inflatable park, enchanted princesses, and numerous freebies. For the adults the festival board expanded the time for live performances and the permit for the beer tent. If we're lucky, all of this will go according to plan.

Thanks to the increasing number of volunteers the festival has been able to pass on savings to vendors. A festival of this size still takes a lot to put together and once all of the sponsors are on board we can release details about your favourite brands and businesses that believe that Wellands oldest and largest festival should also be one of Niagara's biggest events.

I know I'd like to thank last years major sponsors in advance since their contributions from previous years have been able to let us get a head start. Major gifts from Leons Furniture, Casino Niagara, and the Fallsview Casino contributed to our success in 2012 and will help again in 2013.

Feel free to contact the Rose Festival office for more information.