Welland Market Square - Saturday Mornings

Welland Market Square - Saturday Mornings

Welland has an excellent market that is still colloquially known as the Welland Farmers Market. The Welland Market itself goes beyond farm fresh produce and includes bakers, producers of meat products, and the occasional non-food vendor looking to sell jewelry or affordable bed sheets. Want to know more about the Welland Market? Check out the local highlights.

Welland Market - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The North Side Pavilions are the heart of the fresh, organic, and from-the-farm produce, featuring hard to find and certified produce. The West Awning has some of the best deals from larger local farms, including eggs and fresh baked pie.

Welland Market - Fresh Bread and Meats

The West Building, also known as "The Alamo" is home to meat, cheese, and vegetarian alternative vendors that require freezer space and other amenities. Pick up some spicy sausage, fresh samosas, and a variety of fresh deli meats at some of the most competitive prices in Niagara.

Welland Market - The Community and Customs

The Welland Market Square is also a great place to meet with locals and catch up on the news. This includes the news highlights and opinions that aren't always seen in publications with journalistic integrity. Stick around for long enough and you'll have a chance to meet up with local volunteers, bureaucrats, lawyers, and historians. The community itself is typically a good draw.

Welland Market - Democratizing Prices

Just about anywhere there seems to be an excellent market, bazaar, or plaza that allows small businesses and farmers to compete with grocers or other vendors that would otherwise keep prices out of sync with what the farmers deserve. If you feel as though it is worth the effort to find Fair Trade Coffee then you should probably look into local markets like the Welland Market to keep prices low and farmers happy.