Welland Jobs Guide 2015

Welland Jobs Guide 2015

Looking for a job in Welland? Grab your resume and get ready for some details about the current state of the labour market in Welland.

Government and Academic Institutions

Two of Welland's most populous employers continue to be the Niagara Health System Welland Hospital site and Niagara College Welland Campus. The steady jobs available at these facilites require specialized training that in most cases is not available within Niagara.

Congrats if you can make it through the rounds of tests and interviews before going broke. This is a practical option for those that have a strong support system during the often erratic process.

Call Centre, Online Support, and Dispatch Jobs

Residents of Welland have benefitted deeply from the bilingual and multicultural nature of the city as that statistical blip lead many call centres to be established. Unfortunately the number of bilingual residents has steadily decreased to the point where there are nearly as many Korean speakers as there are francophones.

Anyone that isn't currenly bilingual is encouraged to look into developing opportunities outside of call centre employment or seek training.

Welland Jobs - Service Sector

Service sector jobs have been the leading saviour for many of the Welland residents entering the labour market. This includes frontend work at restaurants, shopping centres, and other small retail outlets.

Many of the same stigmas exist for service sector workers as do for call centre employees.

Retail is hurting not only because of a lack of second-teir (manufacturing and processing) employment but it is also taking a huge hit from online vendors like Amazon. Unless you're in management I'd recommend having an escape plan and building a support network.

Creative Work vs Creative Jobs

Looking for a job? If you're like thousands of other post-secondary grads there isn't one for your skillset. Skip the job and get to work. Start making a couple bucks and building a portfolio and clientele on sites like Fiverr.

Freelancing is the future for a lot of positions that just can't justify year-round pay and benefits. Don't like the money or see a better opportunity then you're free to explore it. Just remember to keep as much as possible in the bank.